First edit of my book DONE ! YES


So, what’s the best way to celebrate finishing your first full edit of your book? Having a glass of fizz and defrosting the freezer obviously!!! Its called doing one of the jobs you have been putting off while you have been writing and editing!

I am so happy to have finished my first full edit. Lots more work to do, but feeling pretty chuffed with myself! I have learned so much. One main thing is not to stress quite so much! Stick to your story, listen to feedback and try to apply it. I love my characters – you WILL too or else I will set Tom on you… Some of you know about Tom… Some of you will be meeting him very soon 😉

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement from everyone, it really helps. My plans now… after I have finished defrosting the freezer – I am pretty sure most top authors do similar things when they finish their first edit lol.  My plans; Full read of it to make sure I have the storylines in the right order – then another edit – another read through – then ready to let my ‘Editors’ (some friends) check it over. then I hope to send to some publishers mid July – eeekkkkkkkk. I am literally going to faint if anyone responds lol.

Anyway off to freeze my fingers off and sup my fizz. night my friends xx

8 thoughts on “First edit of my book DONE ! YES”

  1. Congratulations!! (for defrosting your freezer on a Thursday night?! Definitely rock star behaviour! 😂) Oh yes….and for completing the first edit!!! 🙂 Amazing!
    It has been inspiring reading about your progress on this blog…. And also a little disturbing at times when you’ve given little hints of Tom’s character in some of your text messages …😲 I can’t wait to find out more…. (I think?)! Good luck with the next steps!!!! X


    1. Ah thanks so much mate. Tom is so mis-understood – maybe its the way i tell it 😂. Looking forward to sharing what happens next!! Maybe Tom or Hope will surprise us all 😉. Xx


  2. Well done on first edit, hard work pays off! Hey just thought, if you print off a copy of finished article, sign it of course and sell it to me you will be published!
    Well done again
    Steve c


    1. Haha brilliant!! Thanks Steve. I did print it off today so i could do my second edit and full read through. I did get a fabulous feeling seeing all my words on paper. I am gonna be a mess if i ever get published!! The excitement will ridiculous! I will become famous in the town… ‘have you seen that strange girl that walks around town grinning like a cheshire cat and constantly has a glass of Prosecco in her hand?’ Says Steve to Jenny, “yes i have! I have been told to avoid her at all times’ says Jenny 😂😂😂


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