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The short story continues.. & book reviews


This pic is the entrance to the under croft in Newark Castle… spooky

So, anyone wanting to go straight to the follow up to ‘A night lost to the past’ can scroll to the bottom of the page to read it (Very rude though!) shut it brackets. If you are new to this blog, the first part of the story is available in one of the earlier posts. This story won third place (She’s on about it again! yawn boring) and a few people (her fans lol) sorry about the brackets – have asked me to do a follow up. So I have! I’m not quite sure when this story will end as I’m enjoying writing about Ben, Ric and Pete’s adventures. Time allowing I will post a little snippet each week. Any feedback gratefully received, if you don’t want to comment – just a little like will do 😉 it all helps.

On the writing front, few things to say (hasn’t she always! ) I’ve finally got a printer – hurrah and have sent my short stories off to the peoples friend magazine in the hopes of getting some regular stories in the mag. If anyone is thinking of doing this – check out the website as they have strict guidelines and also read a few of their magazines so you get an idea of what they are looking for. I will let you know if they take mine on (course she will!!! bore everyone going on about it blah short story blah)

I submitted a short story to the mslexia short story competition this week. They have various competitions, prizes and there is a fee to enter some of these. Competitions are great to help with your writing craft and some offer critique – which if you are new to all this would be worth more than money! One thing i have learnt along the way – double check and triple check the submission guidelines – if they want a certain font, spacing – then do it. You might have written the best story since lord of the rings but if you don’t follow the rules you might not even be in the running! Check them out here if you want to enter a story;

So, I’ve had some reviews back from a few people that have read my Psychological Thriller Novel. All in all I’m very pleased, they offered what I hope (tell her now if you were honest else you could turn up in the next novel- she will do that!) was honest feedback. I did tell them if they didn’t like it – that was fine (yeah right!)- but tell me why. One noticed that I’d missed something from the storyline – very useful! it didn’t take long to amend this bit of the story, but it needed to be in there –  so so useful – thanks KG. I haven’t done this before and I know the story so well I think its easy to miss stuff. Everyone found it easy to read – which is what I wanted and the tension definitely built up, so using shorter chapters towards the end really worked. It was interesting that one thought I might have killed too many and one thought I hadn’t killed enough (I wouldn’t wanna be in her books!) No me neither, (We agree on something!) So the folks that have it – keep the honest reviews coming – thank you for reading – you still have to buy it when it’s published – the hardback version, audio, ebook and paperback lol.  I’m sending it out to another agent this week so still playing the waiting game – checks email again, nope, not yet! Rude – don’t they know how popular this book is going to be! sigh

Second book is coming along nicely, 18,300 words into that and loving it. One thing I will say to anyone intending writing a series. Don’t get your first book published until you have started your second one. I’m finding a few little bits – nothing major, that I’m going to change in book one to make book two flow better. If I’d have published book one obviously I wouldn’t be able to do this. Like I said they are only minor, but still worth thinking about if you are intending on writing a long series like mine. (she hopes)

So, here’s the next instalment of A night lost to the past by C.L.Peache, its called ‘The next day’ this story is my own so no nicking it without paying me millions,   (to those that have skipped down – well done – she does drone on a bit and ignore the millions she will probably take a fiver!) Oi!

I hope you enjoy it 🙂 have a good weekend folks, see ya next Friday x

The next day…

Ben woke up. His head was pounding. Jesus, how much had they drunk last night? He started shivering; it was so cold. He’d had a weird dream last night; Ric and Pete had said they had gone back in time! No more real ale for them on the next night out, or maybe it was the shots of tequila that did it. He needed to get home and have a shower.

Ben slowly opened his eyes. He had a vague recollection that there had been some barrels in here last night – but the room felt empty now. He could hardly see a thing, there wasn’t much light penetrating the under croft. He fumbled for his phone and switched on the light. The room was empty.

“Gits,” he said out loud.

They must have woken up and left him here. Ha, bloody ha. Wait until he caught up with them later. Ben slowly got to his feet. He carefully made his way to the steps – he had been lying down for too long and his feet had gone to sleep – he tripped over something and just managed to get his hands out in front of him before he headbutted the step.

“Shit, what the hell was that?” he said to the empty space.

He looked on the floor – it was Pete’s hobby horse, at least his missus wouldn’t roast him alive now they hadn’t lost it. He wondered what Pete was on about, he was sure he had said he had lost it. Drunken fool. Ben laughed to himself. He would hide the bloody thing and make Pete squirm; teach him a lesson for legging it and leaving him here. God, he felt rough. He noticed some other things on the floor and bent down to pick them up. It was Ric and Pete’s wallets, mobiles and keys! Why the hell would they leg it and leave them here? They wouldn’t be able to get in when they got home. He sniggered at the thought of Pete knocking on the door in the early hours, begging his wife Karen to let him in. She would probably throw a bucket of water on him; payback is a bitch, but in some cases well deserved!

It did seem weird though. Why would they leave them? Ben shrugged, he put their belongings in his Viking helmet and left the under croft. Good job no-one had been in to open the castle yet this morning, he didn’t fancy being locked down here on his own – or explaining how they had snuck in overnight. He looked at his phone; it was only five am. Luckily there was no-one else about when he peeked out – thank god! He creeped out cautiously and made his way out of Newark Castle, he aimed for the entrance to the right; he didn’t want to jump over the gate which was in full view of the roundabout.

Ben waited while a few cars went past and then made his move. The gate was really high, and he caught a bit of his stupid costume on one of the spikes as he went over. He had to drop the helmet to avoid making himself unable to bear children in the future. Heart beating and worrying about the noise he was making, he managed to unhook himself and land feet first on the other side.

“What do you think you are up to?”

Ben looked up to see the only beat copper in the whole country staring at him…




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