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Support Network & Part 5 – Finding Ben

I just wanted to give a little shout out this week to all the people that are supporting me on this amazing journey – it really helps when you are sitting down typing away wondering if your work is any good. Will readers relate to your characters? Have you created a world which someone will believe?  Even to get a little comment of encouragement makes such a big difference. So thanks 😊

I was going to say if you are a writer, but this goes for anyone working alone really. Get support in any way shape or form – this is an investment of your time so if it’s for your ‘career’ make sure it counts, as well as have things you just enjoy – if you can get both – brilliant, I must admit so far I’m lucky enough to enjoy both.

Twitter – I’ve found twitter to be absolutely brilliant for support and information. So far I haven’t experienced any negative comments. (I’m surprised – bet they think you’re a right bighead – I have no problem with coming up with stories. I can write in any genre nah nah nah!) Shut it brackets, I’m new to this an exploring my creative side (creative bulls…!) that’s enough of that! Back to Twitter, everyone is so supportive, helping out if someone has a question. Offering a kind word if you are having a bad day. Help on editing (You still aren’t brilliant at that smarta…), submissions and commiserate if you get a rejection, or just having a bit of a giggle. I’ve also been taking part in the twitter hours the Peoples Friend Magazine do on a Tuesday & Thursday 11-12, my main reason was to get ideas as I wanted to submit stories for their magazine. But to be quite honest even if that doesn’t happen, I really enjoy the twitter hours and have chatted to some fabulous people and learned so much I would definitely carry on with these while I can.

Writing Groups – I’ve mentioned the writing groups before (Going on a bit in this blog – I’m bored already) but as this thread is about support so they get another mention. I have two groups   I am part of The Fosseway Writers Group and the 5* writers group compiled of a mate called Ric and fabulous author Janice Frost – check out her books on Amazon and leave a review 😊.  (They made that name up – 5* writers, so arrogant!) They are both great for different reasons, and I would encourage anyone interested in writing to join a group. Don’t worry about being nervous, wondering if you are good enough to be part of the group. Just swallow your fears and go. We have no pressure in the groups I go to, you can read out your work – or not. Join in – or not. If you just want to be around like minded people then go for it. I promise you will get something out of it – even if its only an invite to the Christmas do – that’s gotta be worth being part of a group!

In a few weeks, I intend to try and publish my Newark Short Story as an e-book via the Amazon platform, it’s something I’ve never done before so will do a blog on how I did this in case it’s of use to anyone else. I’m doing this in case I end up self-publishing my book, I thought it would be a good idea to get familiar with the process first. Also, I’ve asked a friend of mine to make me a cake somehow related to the story (She’s only doing this to eat cake for work reasons! Good job this will be after your parachute jump else they wouldn’t be able to get the plane of the ground – god I’m funny.) will you shut up! Anyway, below is Part five  of this story – hope you enjoy it. Last instalment next week!

Please feel free to leave comments, or like the blog, don’t leave me hanging lol. (Yeah ignore her – she hates it lol) Any suggestions, anything to help other writers I can share. Any blogs that are worth following, please let me know.

Part Five : Finding Ben

The loud boom of the cannon sounded again, even the ground shook. The cheers quickly followed.

“Bloody idiots, messing about with sweet lips. Rupert will have them for that, wasting the shot.” Pete overheard one of the soldier’s mutter. The ringing in his ears was distorting the sounds around him. He didn’t know why everyone was cheering, he was bloody deaf from the noise of the cannon.

Ric dragged Pete up one of the alleyways while all the commotion was kicking off in the marketplace.

“What the hell are we gonna do Ric? I can’t get my head around all this. We really have gone back in time to the civil war! How are we going to get back? What the hell are the wives going to say?”

“I’ve no bloody idea. We need to get back to see if Ben is still in the castle. Let’s do that first. Get back together and think how the hell we are going to get out of this mess.”

“Maybe someone put summit in our drinks, and we’re hallucinating!”

“Oi. What did you do that for?”

Pete rubbed his arm.

“To show you that you’re awake you muppet. Now start taking this seriously, will you? We must get back to Ben. If he wanders into the castle with a Viking outfit on – god know what they will do to him!”

They both jumped again when the cannon went off. The soldiers were apparently having fun with ‘sweet lips’ and didn’t care that Prince Rupert was in town.

Ric had a sudden vision of sitting in The Prince Rupert pub, with Prince Rupert – sharing a pint. Mentally shaking himself, realising he was starting to lose the plot.

“Look Pete, pick up one of those baskets of logs over there. We’ll take them into the castle, it will be a way to get back into the castle and see if we can get to Ben.”

They grabbed the baskets and headed back towards the castle. Maybe they would be ignored with all the fun going off in the marketplace. It was terrifying to hear the cannon when they were had been explicitly used to kill people. They had only heard them during re-enactment events in Newark – even though they were deafeningly loud, you didn’t feel that sheer terror of knowing that you might have to fight along-side it. Pete felt his stomach churn, and this time it wasn’t from the hangover.

Making their way down the streets, they were shocked by the sights, sounds and the smells. It didn’t seem like anyone picked up the horse shit. It was everywhere, trodden into the ground, and up the sides of the wooden structures. No-one else seemed to notice. One of the windows above them opened, and the occupant threw something they preferred to pretend was food waste. It splashed all over one of Ric’s boots. Pete made a strong effort not to laugh – hysteria was too close to the surface.

They made it to the castle with only a few odd looks. Everyone looked knackered, but that wasn’t surprising since they had apparently just been through some kind of battle – which they had obviously won. Other than the excitement in the market it didn’t seem like the local people were that bothered. Ric reflected it must be hard to live on the edge of constant attack.

Ric spotted the woman that had dragged them out of the cellar. He steered Pete in a different direction as they walked past.

“Come on Mary I’ve found the doctor, and he’s going to take a look at you.”

Judging by Mary’s face – Ric didn’t think poor old Mary had long left on this world. At least it meant they wouldn’t be taking any notice of them. Ric felt terrible for thinking this, but their situation was life-threatening as well. They dumped the baskets outside the gate and made their way inside.

“Ben, Ben, where are you?” Ric shouted.


They searched the undercroft, but there was no sign of him.

“Shit,” said Pete, “Do you think they found him?”

“You know what Pete? I don’t think he has come through with us. No way his Viking outfit wouldn’t have caused a stir if they had found him or he had wandered out. I think he’s still in our time.”

Ric and Pete stood staring at each other wondering what the hell they were going to do next…

Last instalment next week…


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