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Signing books!

((oh look, Peachy. A picture of you out in the wild! A rare sight indeed. Nice to finally see a little snippet of the boat – can you please get the videos on the website?))  You are so demanding Brackets, I’m going to try and get some pictures and videos of the boat on the… Continue reading Signing books!

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Update on sales…

I thought I would do a few short blogs on my fantasy series and what happens after you’ve pressed the all important ‘publish my book’ button. ((Glad you said short, Peachy. I’m ready to settle down to xmas movies and mulled wine!)) I’m not an expert at promoting my books as once I’ve finished them,… Continue reading Update on sales…

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My fantasy trilogy is complete… Title and Cover reveal!

Click here to buy from Amazon The day has finally come and my fantasy trilogy is complete with the publication of Battle – book 3 in the series and my 10th published story! I hope you love the covers as much as I do. They have been created by the wonderfully talented, Nat and Rachael… Continue reading My fantasy trilogy is complete… Title and Cover reveal!

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NaNoWriMo with a twist…

I must admit when I first saw NaNoWriMo being chatted about on Twitter I didn’t have a clue what it was. For those not familiar, it is National Novel Writing Month and the aim is to write 50,000 words in a month, which equates to about 1,666 words per day. If you need some motivation… Continue reading NaNoWriMo with a twist…

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Exhilarating research for a story!

I find myself in different waters as a writer ((well you live on a boat now Peachy, so nice pun)) I mainly write fiction and the stories have always been sitting there in my mind waiting patiently for me to put them on paper/screen. I’ve had to research some bits and bobs to make sure… Continue reading Exhilarating research for a story!