About me

After living in various parts of the UK, including Wakefield, York, Derby, and the Yorkshire Dales, I now live in Nottinghamshire. I enjoy reading, writing (of course), travelling, walking, kayaking, watching all forms of motorbike racing and socialising (networking).

At the beginning of my writing journey, I started a blog which tracks the ups and downs of writing, trying to get published and self-publishing. I need to mention that my blog posts are usually visited by ‘Brackets’! My blog is usually published on the first Friday of every month.

My fantasy novel; A Festival of Time: Book One: Escape has now been published. I’m currently working on book two and three. I was creating a card game, which is based on my fantasy series- but this has been put on hold for a while. Click on ‘books’ on my website to find out more, and follow me on social media for updates.

A bit about my writing journey so far…

I have a story in, The Brinwade Chronicles, which was created with my writing group, the Fosseway Writers. This was published in September 2020 and is a collection of 28 Gothic stories by 13 writers. I‘ve also contributed to a Fosseway collaborate novel, Burning Old School Ties.

In February 2019 I was lucky enough to travel to New Zealand. During my time there I wrote a journal about our bucket list 43-day adventure. This has now been turned into a travel guide: 187 Kilometres, turn left – now available on Amazon.

A Christmas Wish, came to life after I’d published a Game of Souls in December 2018. My short story, A night lost to the past, won third place in the Newark Book Festival 2018 writing competition, which was run by the Fosseway Writers group. These two stories have been re-edited and are now published by Saga Fiction. I’m also working on a number of stories for Saga Fiction. Which will be available on their app very soon!

Please follow me on social media; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to find out more.

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