About me

After living in various parts of the UK, including Wakefield, York, Derby, and the Yorkshire Dales, I now live in Nottinghamshire. I enjoy reading, writing (of course), travelling, walking, kayaking, watching all forms of motorbike racing and socialising (networking).

At the beginning of my writing journey, I started a blog which tracks the ups and downs of writing, trying to get published and self-publishing. I need to mention that my blog posts are usually visited by ‘Brackets’!

A fantasy novel; A Festival of Time: Book One: Escape was my last self-published novel. I’m currently working on editing book two ready for publication and writing book three. Click on ‘books’ on my website to find out more and follow me on social media for updates.

In 2021 I signed an online publishing contact with Saga Fiction. I have three stories published with them and three coming soon!

A bit about my writing journey so far…

I have a story in, The Brinwade Chronicles, which was created with my writing group, the Fosseway Writers. This was published in September 2020 and is a collection of 28 Gothic stories by 13 writers. I’ve also contributed to a Fosseway collaborate novel, Burning Old School Ties and we have another idea in the pipeline!

In February 2019 I was lucky enough to travel to New Zealand. During my time there I wrote a journal about our bucket list 43-day adventure. This has now been turned into a travel guide: 187 Kilometres, turn left – now available on Amazon.

A Christmas Wish, is my third self-published story, which came to life after I’d published a Game of Souls in December 2018. My short story, A night lost to the past, won third place in the Newark Book Festival 2018 writing competition, which was run by the Fosseway Writers group. This was well received, and many readers asked me to develop and expand the story. A Christmas Wish and A night lost to the past have now been reedited and have been published with Saga Fiction.  

Never one to let my fingers rest, and in true author style, I have a couple of other projects itching to have their turn! A horror/crime thriller, along the lines of Silence of the Lambs, one of my favourite stories. And a psychological thriller series – book one based in York, book two in Jersey, and book three in New Zealand. One day I will get around to finishing them…

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