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New goals, narrowboat adventures and writing plans!

It’s been a busy old start to the year which started with a stinking cold but once that was out of the way I decided it was time to get my writing and future plans back on track which is why my blog is late!  ((go on Peachy, before you go any further, tell them… Continue reading New goals, narrowboat adventures and writing plans!

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A year gone by…

Well, it’s been a year. I will try and only include book related stuff as I’m sure people are sick of my whole ‘life story’. ((Excellent, a blog where you’re not moaning. It must be Christmas – well it was Christmas when you started writing this blog and then you went off drinking all the… Continue reading A year gone by…

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Signing books!

((oh look, Peachy. A picture of you out in the wild! A rare sight indeed. Nice to finally see a little snippet of the boat – can you please get the videos on the website?))  You are so demanding Brackets, I’m going to try and get some pictures and videos of the boat on the… Continue reading Signing books!

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Update on sales…

I thought I would do a few short blogs on my fantasy series and what happens after you’ve pressed the all important ‘publish my book’ button. ((Glad you said short, Peachy. I’m ready to settle down to xmas movies and mulled wine!)) I’m not an expert at promoting my books as once I’ve finished them,… Continue reading Update on sales…

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My fantasy trilogy is complete… Title and Cover reveal!

Click here to buy from Amazon The day has finally come and my fantasy trilogy is complete with the publication of Battle – book 3 in the series and my 10th published story! I hope you love the covers as much as I do. They have been created by the wonderfully talented, Nat and Rachael… Continue reading My fantasy trilogy is complete… Title and Cover reveal!

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NaNoWriMo with a twist…

I must admit when I first saw NaNoWriMo being chatted about on Twitter I didn’t have a clue what it was. For those not familiar, it is National Novel Writing Month and the aim is to write 50,000 words in a month, which equates to about 1,666 words per day. If you need some motivation… Continue reading NaNoWriMo with a twist…

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Exhilarating research for a story!

I find myself in different waters as a writer ((well you live on a boat now Peachy, so nice pun)) I mainly write fiction and the stories have always been sitting there in my mind waiting patiently for me to put them on paper/screen. I’ve had to research some bits and bobs to make sure… Continue reading Exhilarating research for a story!

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Day Eighteen: The end of the adventure…

We get up early and fill up with water whilst we wait for the lockie to arrive. I was going to do the lock myself – I have a key, but I don’t know, for some reason I didn’t want to do it. Even though I have operated one of the larger locks before. Anyway,… Continue reading Day Eighteen: The end of the adventure…

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Day Seventeen – Illegal mooring and we have to crank it!

It’s an early morning cruise as the battery is on 51% and when we use the coffee machine it uses about 2-3% of the battery… ((wait you mean you started the day without a coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? Why didn’t you call the emergency coffee line… I’m sure Mick would have delivered one)) I doubt it Brackets –… Continue reading Day Seventeen – Illegal mooring and we have to crank it!

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Day Sixteen… egg butties, ice-cream and fizz..

We make it as far as Trent Lock before deciding to moor for lunch. Egg butties – cannot beat them! We watch a bit of MotoGP before heading to the pub for a little drink – someone has to keep the hospitality industry going, especially with all this talk of a recession – although there… Continue reading Day Sixteen… egg butties, ice-cream and fizz..


Day Fourteen – Cleaning day…

We are moored in a slightly remote area so we decide to start the day with a clean of the roof, bow and stern and the side of the boat we can reach from the bank. There is something quite satisfying about taking everything off ((I think i should clarify that Peachy means taking stuff… Continue reading Day Fourteen – Cleaning day…

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Day Thirteen – grumpy like a heron…

This morning I wake up in a right mood. I don’t know why but I’m really pissed off. In my younger days I would have tried to find a reason for it but with age I’ve realised sometimes you can just be grumpy and be a bit pissed off for no reason and like a… Continue reading Day Thirteen – grumpy like a heron…

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Day Twelve… Fradley locks…

It’s a disappointing start to the morning when we attempt to use the showers but the water is cold and the power of the water is rubbish for filling the boat back up. But never mind, I’m sure once they’ve had time to rejuvenate the facilities it will be a wonderful site although it’s a… Continue reading Day Twelve… Fradley locks…


Day eleven… a bit of a rest day, sort of!

After a lazy morning we decide to stay another night on the Marina as we are a bit tired and the next stretch on our way home is back to the Fradley area, which is lovely but as we know from coming up, it’s very tiring and you have to have your wits about you… Continue reading Day eleven… a bit of a rest day, sort of!

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Day Ten… an interesting time at a new Marina and this is my 100th blog post!

We have a lovely stop near Great Haywood after turning around in the very busy winding ((That's pronounced wind - as in windy not as in wind up - hole)) and what a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday we decided to about turn and head towards home. Further up the canal there… Continue reading Day Ten… an interesting time at a new Marina and this is my 100th blog post!

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Day nine… Name dropping fabulous canal YouTubers – sorry, not sorry

Last night I wrote the end on my fantasy novel hurrah! Still more to do but the battery defeated me so I decided that was victory enough for one day. Next plan is to re-read and tweak the final bits and bobs before sending to my editor. There comes a point when you can do… Continue reading Day nine… Name dropping fabulous canal YouTubers – sorry, not sorry


Day Eight.. two showers in one day…

First job, tied up at the water point to fill up. All was going well despite some boaters coming under the tunnel and onto the canal like they were in some kind of race against themselves. I really don’t want to be one of those boaters who shouts ‘slow down’ but I am sorely tempted… Continue reading Day Eight.. two showers in one day…

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Day Seven… Halcyon days and a lot of locks!

Up early as usual and time to crank it. We make the rookie mistake of not putting the tiller on as we only need to move one boat along for the water point and of course, a boat came along as soon as we pulled out of our mooring spot – that’s the way of… Continue reading Day Seven… Halcyon days and a lot of locks!

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Day Six… Rude canal users…

A nice quiet evening was had and then it was up early to wander to the Marina and pick up the screw pins for the mooring – we hope these will be a lot better in many ways. Firstly, they screw into the soil/bank which hopefully will make them more secure when boaters speed past… Continue reading Day Six… Rude canal users…

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Day Five… toilet emergency…

((before you start, i just want to say that in you New Zealand travel book you went on about the toilet and being ill... it seems a standard for you on holiday Peachy.)) and as I've said before my blogs/books are about real life, it's not like when i write fiction and no-one visits the… Continue reading Day Five… toilet emergency…


Day Four… Dodgy boating…

As I said yesterday, I’m not feeling too well so we have a lazy morning of me doing a bit of napping and we play a board game when i feel better, which is a must on a boating holiday and we enjoy the sound of relative silence other than the birds going about their… Continue reading Day Four… Dodgy boating…

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Day three – About Turn!

It’s an early start this morning and we still haven’t decided which way to go. We can go onto the River Soar or continue up the Trent and onto the Trent and Mersey Canal. Decision, decisions. I make a bit of rookie mistake when filling the Cranfleet lock as the paddle wasn’t completely down –… Continue reading Day three – About Turn!

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Day two… Pirates!

After a good sleep apart from waking up to the welcome sound of a little sprinkle of rain. For those not in the UK, we’ve had some pretty hot days recently – I think the hottest ever recorded here since records began ((you probably made that up!)) I was also woken up by the sound… Continue reading Day two… Pirates!

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Day One… and we are off…

Well, this is it. We have filled the boat with water, filled the fridge with vegetables as well as booze. Charged the walkie-talkies and after a call to lock keeper ((It’s always good to call ahead and let the lockie know where you are etc. It helps them to make sure they are not filling… Continue reading Day One… and we are off…

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The trials and tribulations of self publishing…

A question for the self-published folk of the world… do you more or less forget everything about the process each time you’re ready to upload to Amazon? (Or your preferred platform) ((No, Peachy. It’s just you being unorganised. You’re a writer, here’s a thought… why don’t you write it down? Give me strength!)) Good idea,… Continue reading The trials and tribulations of self publishing…

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Imposter syndrome… a week in my life as an author…

I was asked what a normal week is like for me. This blog reflects a week in my life... I'm trying to be a writer and trying not to freak out about being a writer! #impostersyndrome #beingawriter #writingcommunity #blogger #weekinthelifeof #mondayblog

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Happiness, tears, good days and bad days… the life of an author…

Before I start waffling, the picture attached to my blog is the cover reveal for A Christmas Wish, which has found a new home with @sagafiction I love the cover and I'm very excited about my novella being published in August! Well, last month, was a month, and in true ‘life can never be predicted’ most… Continue reading Happiness, tears, good days and bad days… the life of an author…

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After lockdown, adventures of an author and trying to make a living!

Well, I’m not 100% sure where to start… ((Always best to start at the beginning, waffle a bit in the middle and finish at the end. Unless you’re writing a time-travel novel or a historical novel, but let’s not be picky!)) Yeah, thanks, Brackets, helpful! So, the last month has been beyond busy. If you… Continue reading After lockdown, adventures of an author and trying to make a living!

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Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent

I’m extremely excited to finally share the news about one of my new ventures. A little back story if I may… So, back in the dreaded year which shall not be named, I embarked on a new venture. You don’t need to tell me about trying to set up a new business in a pandemic… Continue reading Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent

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Topping up my author batteries, finding inspiration and the mental health benefits of showing up!

Hi, I’ve been thinking a lot about CVs – mainly because I’ve had to update mine and is there anyone, anywhere, who likes updating a cv? Also, the job market is a bit dire to say the least. ((Well, who wants a 46-year-old, menopausal woman who writes about dragons, fantasy worlds, serial killers and creates… Continue reading Topping up my author batteries, finding inspiration and the mental health benefits of showing up!

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I’ve published my book! The costs and road to publication…

Firstly, I’ve finally published my fantasy book. Hurrah! It’s been a long time coming, but I’m excited to have finally pressed that button. I wrote most of this book during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in 2019 and since then it’s been through the usual editing processes. The pandemic has influenced the publication date as… Continue reading I’ve published my book! The costs and road to publication…

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This could be dangerous….

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you’ve had a nice Christmas break whatever you’ve been doing. As you may know from previous blogs it’s been a tough year but I made a conscious decision to not stress and just enjoy the time. I somehow managed it and feel quite refreshed for a new year,… Continue reading This could be dangerous….

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NaNoWriMo Winner and fantasy book news

Well, what can I say, just when you think 2020 cannot get any tougher, it does. ((never mind, Peachy. Pull up your big girl pants and crack on, just be careful you don’t get a wedgie!)) I might have already gone past the wedgie stage, Brackets, I think I’m nearly at the mankini stage! Anyway,… Continue reading NaNoWriMo Winner and fantasy book news

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Getting creative and adapting to life

Well, since last month there has been a lot of ups and downs – but then, that seems to be life for the vast majority of people during these difficult times. Also, how fast is time going? How is it November? I feel like I’m going to wake up one morning to discover I’ve reached… Continue reading Getting creative and adapting to life

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Preparing for NaNoWriMo

So, it’s less than a month until NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month. Have you signed up? Have you done it before? Want to buddy up for the month? ((okay calm down with the questions, Peachy you’re giving me a headache)) For those that haven’t done it before, I will include a link below so… Continue reading Preparing for NaNoWriMo

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Working together during lockdown

So, this month I’m delighted to share that I will have another book published! ((Show off)) Now, I cannot claim the full word count as this has been another collaborative project with my writing group. Last year we published a book, Burning Old School Ties. This new book has been written by a coven of… Continue reading Working together during lockdown

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Publication day. Stick to your genre…

Hi everyone, Where did last month go! It’s been a blur of helping to organise the Newark Book Festival and finally finally, finally getting my travel book out there! ((You sound like an old broken record Peachy)) Oh I feel like one Brackets, especially when it comes to my travel book! My blog in April… Continue reading Publication day. Stick to your genre…

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BE BRAVE. My steps to publishing…

Be brave, one step at a time. You will make it to the top BE BRAVE! My steps to publishing... Write a novelEdit the novelCreate a coverUpload to the platform of your choiceTa Da – sit back and watch the reviews and the cash roll in… If only it was so simple! ((Life is never… Continue reading BE BRAVE. My steps to publishing…

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2020 you started so well… a routine amid the chaos… taking back control

Well we have been in lockdown for a while now and I don’t know about anyone else, but it took until mid-May for me to finally find my feet in the new world we find ourselves in. I still sometimes wonder what the hell happened. One-minute life was running along nicely, I’d had a few… Continue reading 2020 you started so well… a routine amid the chaos… taking back control

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Finding motivation, challenging times, and working from home

So, I have literally started this blog about one hundred, and thirty two thousand, eight hundred and forty two thousand million times ((come now, this is never going to be as good as that MP, and it has been done many times, so give it up!))  I wasn’t quite sure what to talk about this… Continue reading Finding motivation, challenging times, and working from home

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Cover reveal… my New Zealand travel book is LIVE!

Well, finally, after a lot of work... I’m excited to reveal my travel book...(How amazing is the cover? I love it!)187 Kilometres, turn left This book is about our bucket list road trip around New Zealand with a stop in Singapore and a week in Sydney. This was a trip I’ve always wanted to make, and… Continue reading Cover reveal… my New Zealand travel book is LIVE!

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Lone working, meetings, rejections, holidays and fitting life in!

Because sometimes you have to take in the view... take a deep breath and relax... Lone working, a meeting of friends, rejections, holidays and fitting life in! The last month has been a bit of a rollercoaster ((here we go again… wait while I set up an orchestra of tiny violins)) The new year resolutions… Continue reading Lone working, meetings, rejections, holidays and fitting life in!

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New Year. New Job. New Website… but still addicted to coffee…

New Year Resolutions time again… Well, I’ve re-designed my WordPress blog to include a bit more information about what I’m doing and make it more website, than blog... now i actually have some content! Which is also why this blog is coming to you later than planned. ((As if anyone wants to know any more… Continue reading New Year. New Job. New Website… but still addicted to coffee…