Narrowboat life – living on The Plot

Welcome to the new page on my website where i’m hopefully going to share a little bit about narrowboat life. After enjoying a few holidays on various boats in February 2022 we decided to sell our 2-bed terraced house, downsize and move onto a narrowboat. I’ve spoken about this in my blog over the summer when went cruising some of the network for two and a half weeks so you drop over to that page and have a read if you have time. Anyway, I keep being nagged to share some videos so I thought why not start at the beginning. I’m adding them to YouTube as it’s the easiest way to share. But please don’t think they will be anything like the professional boat vloggers – this first one is just to test the water and is only a few minutes long. The boat has changed massively during the last six months and I will hopefully share some more videos as time allows!

Here is a link to my YouTube channel… CLPeache – please subscribe, it’s free and then i might add more!