Saga Fiction Books

I’m delighted to have a selection of my stories digitally published by Saga Fiction The books below are currently available to read on the app… click here to download the app for free.

A Christmas Wish

“Casandra dotes on her husband and three children, everything she does is for them. But despite her best efforts, Cas is struggling to provide the best Christmas for her family. Tired of trying to make ends meeting and always thinking of others, Cas decides, for a change, to finally make a wish that is only for herself…

Jolted awake in the early hours, Cas comes face to face with the past. Her wish will be granted, but only if she completes three good deeds by Christmas Eve. Will Cas complete her mission or face the consequences of the forfeit? “

A Night Lost to the Past

A story about three friends on a night out that ends in a way they never expected from their usual fancy dress pub crawl, in Newark-on-Trent.  This funny, but emotional journey tells the tale of Ric, Pete and Ben getting more than they bargained for when they break into Newark Castle, after a night out.  Be prepared to travel back to the English Civil War, and experience life through the eyes of the travellers. Oh, and watch out for the hobby horse…