Festival of Time

Welcome to the Festival of Time…. A story of friendship, magic, dragons, danger, battles, heartache, deception, love, lies and perilous journeys.

My inspiration for this series comes from my life long love of fantasy, which includes; The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, The world of Narnia, Dragonlance series and Fighting Fantasy, and many games of Dungeons and Dragons and everything in between and beyond! I really enjoyed writing this series and am currently working on a card/board game to accompany the series. I hope you love reading them as much as I love writing them!


Signed copies of the trilogy – Festival of Time

Once you have paid, please message me with the name you would like in the books. Thank you. *Please note it can take up to 3-4 weeks to arrive due to issues with delivery times. Price includes 3 books and postage.


Book One: Escape

The Festival of Time is upon them. The portals will open, allowing them to move between worlds.

Magic is in the air…

Can Thanan, Star and Pol escape the cruelty of the Masters and leave Luminosa?

Will Villian go forth like the legends of old and bring the Dragons back to Arcus in time to save his world?

Pathanclaw is desperate to find the ‘one’ and the female dragons they lost so long ago…

Humans should never have been taught the secret of magic…

Book Two: Rescue

Thanan, Star, Prince Villian and the dragon’s return to Luminosa determined to rescue all who are enslaved there.

They must succeed. The lives of the dragons on Suntra and Prince Villian’s kin on Arcus depend on it.

Can they rid the worlds of the Masters who want to rule across time? Will magic be lost forever if they do?

The Festival of Time portals will close soon. Can the friends rescue everyone and return home in time?

Book Three: Battle

They are running out of time.

Will the humans and dragons vanquish the Masters?

Will magic fail or thrive?

The Battle for Arcus has begun…

Published 2022

Power the author…

This money also supports other local small businesses who edit, typeset and create my covers. (also keeps me in coffee!) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


My fantasy game is in ‘testing phase’ and I hope to launch this on Kickstarter next year. Any digital artists who fancy working on this project, please contact me!

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