Festival of Time

Welcome to my author page for my fantasy series: Festival of Time, where I will share all the news on this series. I self-publish my books and need to raise approximately £400 to enable me to publish each book. If you would like to help me by buying a copy or clicking the link below to support me, that would be wonderful…

Book Three: Title tbc

Finished – well it’s been sent to my editor. Hopefully this will be published in October!

Total word count: 65,399

Book Two: Rescue
Now available on Amazon – click above
Thanan, Star, Prince Villian and the dragon’s return to Luminosa determined to rescue all who are enslaved there.
They must succeed. The lives of the dragons on Suntra and Prince Villian’s kin on Arcus depend on it.
Can they rid the worlds of the Masters who want to rule across time? Will magic be lost forever if they do?
The Festival of Time portals will close soon. Can the friends rescue everyone and return home in time?

Book One: Escape
Available now.
eBook only 99p!
The Festival of Time is upon them. The portals will open, allowing them to move between worlds.
Magic is in the air…
Can Thanan, Star and Pol escape the cruelty of the Masters and leave Luminosa?
Will Villian go forth like the legends of old and bring the Dragons back to Arcus in time to save his world?
Pathanclaw is desperate to find the ‘one’ and the female dragons they lost so long ago…
Humans should never have been taught the secret of magic…
A story of friendship, magic, dragons, danger, battles, heartache, deception, love, lies and perilous journeys.

Power the author and help publish book 2…

This money also supports other local small businesses who edit, typeset and create my covers. (also keeps me in coffee!) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


I’m currently creating a fantasy board game based on my series. This is in ‘testing phase’ and I hope to launch this on Kickstarter later this year or early next year. Any digital artists who fancy working on this project, please contact me!

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