My Journey

Welcome to my site!
So here is my blog, what is it about? Its my journey from novice writer to hopefully a published writer, the ups and downs, will I actually make it? Can I be a writer? Now here is the important bit, I am trying to spend my time writing my book, so this is going to be a ‘raw’ blog, so if you are sensitive to spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or generally like policing the written word then this is def not the blog for you. Maybe one day when I am rich and famous I can get someone to do this for me 😊 Also another important point, when I get excited I have a tendency to rant – I have tried and failed to stop this, so now I just go with the flow and deal with the emotional come down by drinking coffee or drinking fizz depending on the time of day. I am really excited about this journey and I hope some of you will join me, I am very very lucky to have some fabulous people that have already supported me in this quickly developing idea, so here we go… #excited #bookvirgin


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