Lack of sleep!

So, something I have realised about having a passion, lack of sleep! When I get up at 12.30am (having not actually slept due to thinking about plotting and blogging) because I have an idea that I need to get down, no-one told me this it what happens when you find your passion in life! Last day off today before back to work on Monday, so bit of research to do, I plan to start reading the Stephen King on writing, a memoir of the craft to get some tips, probably done loads of things wrong already! I am also going to get some words down on screen! Socialising really takes time away from writing! Word count I plan for today is approx. 1,500, (my current count is just over 24,400) I will update later on what I thought of the book and also word count. Feel free to leave a comment if you want to track your word count, or have any good ‘how to write’ books I should have a look at. 😊

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