Editing…. again


Above is just some random notes I have jotted down. Things I have thought of with regards to what to do once I have finished my book! There are a few options: Try to get an agent or a publisher – not a lot of them accept online submissions without an agent. But there are still some wonderful publishers that do. Self-publish – eg on Amazon – easier than ever nowadays – but that would mean the editing would have to be spot on. If a publisher is reading this – get in touch 😉  If Costa is reading this – get in touch 😉

I am starting to think about what to do next as the editing process is going well. I have nearly finished my first full edit of the book. 60,000 words in. I have also increased my overall word count to 73,000! It has been a lot of work to make sure that everything flows properly, its a poor writer that has killed someone off in chapter 12, only to have them turn up in chapter 14 (I didn’t do this…). Well unless you are writing a time travel or Zombie book, not sure I can get away with it in a Psychological Thriller!

For any would be writers, you need to love the editing process. I have learnt so much and it will definitely make the second book easier to write! I hope.

I am hoping to have my book finished and ready to be looked at by the outside world by mid July. Then, while they are fighting over who wants to publish it (A girl can dream!) I will be well on the way with the second one in the series. Unless everyone hates it, then I am going to fall back onto Plan B – travel the world and become a connoisseur of Baileys and coffee and get them to pay me to do it! Again a girl can only dream!

I am loving writing the evil psycho chapters as much as the nice ones. Although I am not sure I should admit to that! My friends already think I have issues lol.

Anyway, have a read of the doodles above. If you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment to help or any other writers 🙂

Keep writing, keep editing and keep drinking coffee 🙂



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