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Excuses, excuses, excuses

((Okay, this is brackets taking over the blog this week. Miss, ‘I’m so busy, I haven’t got time to blog’ is otherwise engaged. Insert me; rolling my eyes. If she ever gets to be a famous author she is gonna be tricky to deal with. So, she asked me to add these as her excuses for not blogging this week, AND it falls to me to tell you she’s going to start blogging monthly for future.))
Honestly folks… hold on where have my brackets gone!! ((Phew cannot let people think I’m the Miss high and mighty C.L. Peache – tell anyone my life story, even when they ain’t interested. Anyway, back to the excuses… I will give you the shortened version, so you don’t drop off to sleep and headbutt your coffee cup. Something I would be sure to do if I had a head. Right…)
1) A Christmas story which she’s edited. So, I have no idea why this counts as being too busy. Although she is sourcing an editor and cover for it.
2) Her Travel Journal – this is all about her experience in New Zealand, Sydney and Singapore earlier in the year. This currently sits at about 50k and she’s now editing. She has found a fabulous person to create her front cover they just need to have the conversation. Mainly she talks about weeing, drinking, and erm, right I’m done. How am I supposed to sell a travel journal about someone drinking and weeing – I get all the impossible jobs! I had to put my life on hold while she went travelling. She didn’t even fork out for a bloody spa for me. Just had to sit about in cyber world stalking other symbols – although I nearly fell in love with a speech mark – but that’s another story.
3) She’s working on a young adult fantasy novel which she’s about 4k into, and after visiting a school today with a REAL author, she’s all enthusiast about it again, so no doubt we will hear about this in great length. YAWN.
4) She finished two Psychological Thrillers last year, which are part of a series, and is spending today submitting to an agent she’s been stalking, hence why she is too busy to blog.

5) She also might be working on a top secret children’s book where I will be the main character!! Wait, that’s top secret… oopps. Don’t tell on me people.

((If I were you I would block her, but then you would miss out on me, and let’s face it, as I’ve said time and time again it’s the only reason anyone would visit her blog. Right, now I have done her dirty work, I’m off. I’ve seen some cheeky back slashes // I’m going check out. Peachy will be back the end of July with her new monthly blog. Apparently, she promises to talk about collaborations, the book festival etc. If I were you, I would neck a few pornstar martinis before you attempt that blog, maybe poke out your eyes and use the read-aloud function instead.))
((It’s goodbye from me, and well, not even a hello from her. If you’ve never read this blog,  you’re probably about to ring some kind of care line. Check out the other blog posts before you do…))
((I chose the swan pic because it’s cool. Even if Peachy did take it. If i was a bird, i would be a swan. Anyway, Peace and Love to Symbols. Bracket out))

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