Day Eight.. two showers in one day…

First job, tied up at the water point to fill up. All was going well despite some boaters coming under the tunnel and onto the canal like they were in some kind of race against themselves. I really don’t want to be one of those boaters who shouts ‘slow down’ but I am sorely tempted sometimes. I just ignore them and they fail to get my normally cheery hello. That will teach them!

Another eventful time filling the water as I think I’ve turned off the water but as I pull out our hose connection, I realise my mistake and of course this happens on the water point which has better pressure than a Archimedes screw with an over flowing river channelling through it! ((I bet you had to look up that word!)) Anyway, the lower half of my body has it’s second shower of the morning and as the Captain shakes his head, we crank on up the canal and I go and change into dry clothes.

We quickly come across a tunnel with a very narrow channel, so only one boat at a time. We don’t have the time to do anything so we crank it and luckily we don’t meet anything. On the way back we are a bit more organised and I get off and walk for a bit and use the walkie-talkies. Which is a good thing as on the way back, two boats are coming through.

We moor up at Rugeley and take advantage of the Tesco’s and Morrisons within a few minutes walk. We also wander around the Town which is reminds us of Napier in New Zealand when we turned up on a Saturday lunchtime and there were no people around. Although it is nothing like Napier in terms of architecture just the fact it’s so quiet on what is normally a busy day in the UK. We wander the shops and have a good old nosey in the charity shops before heading back.

I crack on with some writing as I’m determined to get my fantasy book finished and we cruise for a little longer before mooring up just past the town for the night and finally i finished the first full edit of my book just as the battery died… ((never mind your book Peachy get some pics of the canals!)) All right grumpy! I will tomorrow, just let me bask in this moment after it’s taken me years to finish my series. Can never please some people. I shared a picture of my writing desk – i love seeing where other people write. Tomorrow I’m on the tele – well, sort of…

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