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NaNoWriMo with a twist…

I must admit when I first saw NaNoWriMo being chatted about on Twitter I didn’t have a clue what it was. For those not familiar, it is National Novel Writing Month and the aim is to write 50,000 words in a month, which equates to about 1,666 words per day. If you need some motivation or are goal driven, I can highly recommend trying it and you can network with other writers and get hints and tips, so it’s really useful.

Normally I have a goal of writing a good portion of my fantasy novels but this year my trilogy is nearly finished (hurrah!) bar some editing and another read through, so I thought I would shake up the NaNo to suit where I am at the moment. Also, I work nearly full-time so it isn’t as easy to make the time. For me NaNo should be a motivational time and not cause stress because I feel like I have to write, so I’ve broken mine down to include the following;

Writing 1,666 words a day would roughly take me 1.5-2 hrs a day so if I’m editing/proof reading/prepping to promote my books/editing my fantasy game rather than writing a new story I will count this as NaNoTime and towards my overall total. This way I’m still working towards a goal and keeping myself accountable and ultimately developing my skills. So, if I spend an hour doing something – like writing this blog, I will include it in my overall NaNo goals. It’s my NaNo and I’ve given myself the option/permission of doing whatever I want! I’ve no doubt next year I will be ready to start another big project.

I do have one writing goal which is to finish a story for a project with my writing group and I’m aiming for approx. 17,000 words – this has a deadline for the 1st draft at the end of Dec so this will give me the motivation to crack on.

Right, that’s approx. 350 words added to my NaNoMiniGoal. I’m going to try and write a blog post every few days but will see how it goes!

Good luck with NaNoWriMo if you’re joining in. Feel free to comment or share your tips/projects or find me in NaNoWorld at @clpeache or on Twitter. I’m happy to help or support where i can 🙂 x 

P.S. sorry for any typos – no time for editing when it’s NaNoMonth lol

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