Thoughts and feelings about writing…

So, I have been thinking about how emotional writing is, one day you think you have the best story in the world, next minute you question if you have just stolen the ideas and try  and mentally scroll through every book or film you have ever seen to see which one you have stolen! Phew I think I am okay, I think it is true that most ‘original’ stories have been told, we are just retelling them in a different way with different characters – I can live with that. I think the answer to days like this is just get on with it, get your story down and what will be will be, as long as you are enjoying the process, who cares! Well this is the mantra I am living by and I hope it works for others. Life is about enjoying yourself. I said at the start I felt I had found a passion and 3 weeks in this is still true, I cannot ever see myself not writing. When I have to stop writing my book, to go to work (Sigh) I feel like I am pressing pause on a film and I just want to FINISH IT, I am trying not to get frustrated as like most people I have bills to pay and sadly no publishers have yet sent me an advance cheque (rude). Anyway I have written 1,263 words this morning so happy with that, signing off now to go to work (double sigh) have a good day 🙂pexels-photo-355952.jpeg

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