Fan pressure & Working

So, I have been told off today (You know who you are 😉 ) for not updating my blog for a few days! It is really annoying when you have to do things like go to work and have less time to do the things you want to do! I still haven’t had an advance from a publishers – which is starting to get really annoying, when I have written an amazing book and they all have to bid for my book, they will be sorry!! lol 🙂

Sadly I haven’t managed loads of words, so far up to 33,000 on the Psychological Thriller I am writing. I have however nearly finished the book on writing by Stephen King and it is very good, there are a couple of things I don’t agree with (Am I allowed to say that – I hope Stephen King wont be offended when he reads this!) I wont go into much detail on that, when I have finished the book I will leave a review on the bits I found useful, didn’t like… shhh don’t tell Mr King!

(I have had to leave the sunshine outside to come in and type this as I couldn’t see the screen!)

I have found it frustrating this week, as I am still excited about writing, but working full time as I said really eats into your writing time and when you get home its difficult to always get into the frame of mind to write and unfortunately I cannot afford a cook or cleaner yet so someone has to do those jobs.

I have however decided to enter a local writing competition, some of the research I have done surrounding  submission to publishers suggests including details about yourself including any competitions you have won etc (not sure if my 1st prize at Butlins in 1982 counts! this was a beauty contest and before any of my friends comment – yes I probably was the only one entered for this! thank you) So I have written a 1,200 word short story – will keep you posted on the results (obvs if I don’t win – its fixed!)

Also I think I have to cut myself some slack, research, reading and blogging are all working to the same goal, I might not be writing any of my book, but I am learning the craft and writing a book, blogging and Instagram are a lot of new things to learn in 3 weeks!

Anyway signing off now, there is a glass of prosecco calling my name (yes its before 5pm – don’t judge me – its Friday and its sunny)

have a fab weekend everyone, it would be useful if you could leave a comment and say how many times you would like me to blog as I don’t want to disappoint my fans (friends) and if there is anything else you would like to me include.



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