A good writer should read a lot…

a good writer

I have done quite a bit of nosing about on other peoples sites, publishers, writers, reading books on writing etc, and one common theme is A good writer should read a lot. I do agree with this, I have always read a lot, although in the last say 4/5 years I have definitely gravitated towards listening to audio books rather than a physical book (this is quite a shocking statement when you about to learn that I work in a Library – please don’t judge me!) I just find audio books work better in my life, I listen when I walk to work, when I am doing jobs in the house , gardening etc. I think if I had to choose I would still go for a physical book as it invokes that comforting feeling, the smell of the book, the promise of the story which i don’t really get from an audio book, I still enjoy the story as much its maybe just the process of it is different.  I believe there is a place for both. I used to think that I wasn’t achieving as much listening to books as opposed to reading a physical book, I don’t know why, maybe because when you are reading a book it is at the exclusion of everything else, its your one focus. When you are a listening to an audio book I am not generally giving it my 100% attention, although I never have to re-listen so I pretty confident in my multi tasking skills. Anyway, if anyone thinks any different, please leave a comment, I would be interested in what other people think.

Since deciding to write, I am listening and reading books differently, as well as enjoying the story I am listening/reading for how people write, how they use words, how they describe characters, events etc, how they use less words to say more. I feel like my writing has matured already and its only been 3 weeks, actually I am dreading the first re-read of my book lol.

I have managed just over 2,000 words this morning (early start) so I am gonna sign off now and get some more words done before a nice motorbike ride. Have a nice day 🙂



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