Missed train

Well since i have missed my train i thought i might as well use the time effectively and update my blog!

I have decided that New writers really do deserve their books to be published, even if they are rubbish! Working full time as well as trying to write is very time consuming and there just doesn’t seem time to get all the normal jobs done! But, for me i am loving writing so its not really a problem but i wish i could just manage a full days writing.

Partly my fault for having a busy social life! I feel like i am constantly pressing pause on a film i want to watch (have i said this before? I really need to read my previous blog before i start ranting)

This morning i got up at 6.30am so i could sneak in an hour and half before having to start the day and get to work. So close to 40,000 words. 👍.

Since my plans have changed (due to missed train) i will try and make the 40,000 words tonight 🤞🏻.

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