Full day writing & following dreams

how many

Today is my first full day of writing, go on; have a guess how many I will have done by the end of the day? I am starting on 46,011!

I have found it frustrating having to snatch an hour here and there during the week, as I have said before I have to work to pay the bills! But I am happy with my progress and other than a slight wobble about where I was with the story and my overall word count. I had decided that I was nearly at the end of the story and not anywhere near the 80,000 recommended for a Thriller. (I received a grateful and well needed virtual slap to calm me down) I think I will be okay, I have quite a bit of back content to add and some research to do, so we will see!

Having started this process, its amazing how many people want to write and put barriers in the way. If I can do it, you can. Just make the decision and sit down and do it, what’s the worst that could happen! I work better when I tell people as I will see it through to the end if I have said I will do it, if you don’t, then don’t tell anyone, just start. I wish I had started writing years ago, don’t let anymore time go by – just do it. I guess that counts for anything you want to do; not just writing.

Anyway off to start my ‘writing day’ Hope nothing happens, if there is an alien invasion or zombie attack today I shall be most annoyed!


2 thoughts on “Full day writing & following dreams”

  1. Today is a perfect day for thriller writing and I’m sending you positive thoughts to focus you and get your creativity flowing xx


  2. I,m sure you will manage at least 5000 words today if not more, you’re a mini writing machine, looking forward to when you say you have just typed The End, then I can buy it and disappear into a fab book .

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