Successful Weekend


So, I was checking out the competition today, I think mine could definitely slot in around the number 1 spot lol

Well an update on the word count this weekend…. drum roll please… did you guess right….

Saturday I finished on 5,215, today 3,631 so total of £8,846 if that adds up, I’m tired. Grand total of 53,906. they say an average Thriller is approx. 80,000, so the numbers are racking up. I think I am about 5-6k away from the end of the book and then the rest is going to be back content, research etc that I need to add in. My main aim was to get the story down and I left (DO THIS LATER) brackets for stuff I wanted to go back to, I also have all my notes that I need to check when I edit, to make sure the timeline works and characters haven’t discussed something they didn’t know (if you get my drift!)

I started writing this book on the 28th March, I think it was, not bad going.

Anyway I am tired now. My next blog I will try and update my thoughts on the Stephen King book, just got about a chapter to go to finish that. I also might drop a few hints about my book and my plans for the series…

So any publishers reading this, I am nearly ready.

night 🙂

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