The Good, The Bad and the Second Edit


So! What a week. Sorry its taken a while to get the next update out. I am sure you have all been sat – constantly refreshing your email every two seconds!

So I have finally finished the second edit (hurrah) now I will going through it with my editor (friend) and hopefully (fingers crossed) (must stop using brackets) after not too many tweaks it will be ready to send out to see what the world thinks of Tom and Hope.

Couple of tips on the editing front – if you have a particular publisher in mind then make sure you set up your format to match e.g if they want it in a certain font, spacing etc – as this will save you time in the long run. I have done a little research on this but I will blog about the process with submissions when I come to it.

I will also try and give you the ‘blurb’ for the book, to give you a general idea what it is about, and what the publishers expect from you – basically you are selling yourself (errr that might be taken the wrong way!) (damn those brackets again!) to a publisher – not just your work, but your style and your story.

So the good and the bad, I cannot go into some of those things just yet, can only say that a lot of change is coming and hopefully it works out for the best. I do have some good news which I will be able to share with you all on the 7th July. (sorry I know you will have sleepless nights wondering what it is!) The bad news will come just before this – but I won’t focus to much on that as bad news in boring! I mentioned it more as an excuse as to why I have taken longer to do my blog. It has got nothing to do with my many birthday celebrations!

I am Jersey bound this weekend for more birthday celebrations, but also a bit of research as Jersey is one of the locations in my book. So stay tuned for more fizz, fun and bookiness. 🙂



2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and the Second Edit”

    1. Thank you very much Cheryl. Had a great birthday. I think the hard work is going to start soon – getting a publisher to read it! I am determined to give it a good go though 👍


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