When the Universe speaks…


Okay, not the most exciting picture! But the bad news I was alluding to in the last post was that I was given notice of redundancy  last week – just before my birthday weekend – so rude – I had to drink even more prosecco and cocktails to support my emotional wellbeing! Anyway, if I believed in signs it came just as I had finished writing my book, which I started the end of March. People keep saying that it is amazing that I have written a book in 3 months – I guess we will see when I send it out to publishers, and find out if what I have written so quickly is quality as well. eekkkkkkk.  Back to the picture, my walk to work over the last – nearly 11 years, involves walking past a lake and over some wasteland, through a cemetery, onto a main road and then to work. I come back from my Jersey weekend, walking to work thinking about all the changes going off and I am faced with the above before the wasteland! My normal way to work – blocked!! I am not a massive believer in signs but I cannot ignore the obvious signs that my life path needs to change!

So to my plan; I will hopefully find out at the end of next week if I am for the chop. Then I will go from Library Assistant to out of work writer! Since I feel I am being given the opportunity, I am going to give my writing career a good old go and see what happens, in the meantime I have bills to pay, so erm… anyone got a job lol. I plan to temp until my lovely plans next feb to go to New Zealand. I am planning book three to be based in New Zealand. I have to base some of book two in Jersey – I promised a friend to plan a ‘murder in Jersey’!

On the first book front I have started hopefully the last edit with my amazing editing friends – they will definitely be entitled to a free meal or two for the help. Unless I become a bestseller then I might stretch to meal and a drink with my tastecard lol. Still have plans to send out mid July if I can crack on with the edit. So watch this space folks the journey is about to get a little bit choppy!!!!



2 thoughts on “When the Universe speaks…”

    1. Thanks Steve. Just a bit more pressure to make it a success but i am going to give it a good go! 🤨


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