From Library Assistant to Freelance Writer & Exciting Competition news…


Sorry – a lot of you have already seen this pic on Instagram, facebook, WhatsApp etc etc lol but I like it and it about sums up life at the moment.

So, I have had it confirmed that my last day as a Library Assistant will be on the 20th July – after 10 and a half years I am onto pastures new. I mentioned in my last post that it was on the cards and I was just waiting for official confirmation. I have got 3 months to put all I have into getting my writing career off the page and onto a magazine, book, kindle or audio book near you.

I have bought a few writing magazines and fancy stationery – a girl needs stationery to plan world wide domination! (I hope I can claim these back on expenses) I am entering a competition which comes with a nice fee and the chance to get published by Penguin Random house, so keep your fingers, toes, arms, legs and eyes crossed please 🙂 I am sure there will be quite a few others applying; but you have to be in it to win it. I am also approaching some magazines to try and get a regular income from articles, all the pennies help. Luckily I have never been interested in earning a fortune so I don’t need a bestseller to keep me in Prosecco.

Anyway to the competition news…

I entered a short story competition with the Fosseway Writers who are based in Newark, this is part of the Newark Book Festival which is on next weekend 14th/15th July. I have been short-listed in the top 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (exclamation and bracket excitement alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!)  I don’t find out until the day which I have been awarded. It was the first short story I have ever written since embarking on this crazy new career and the first competition I have ever entered – well other than the Junior Miss first prize I won at Butlins in 1981 lol. I will share the results next Sunday!

To those people out there thinking of writing I would recommend entering competitions, its a great place to start and a good way of gauging if your writing style is up to scratch and quite a fabulous feeling when you get a ‘congratulations’ email. It will also help when you come to sending your book off to publishers.

I am still finding my around the business of submitting to magazines. I am not sure how spot on the Grammar, punctuation and general look of it needs to be to be selected. I am sure the less work they have to do the more interested they will be. I am thinking about finding a professional editor to help with this – it will be worth the investment if it means I am able to secure regular paid work. If anyone reading this knows anyone that could help let me know, or if anyone had submitted to magazines I would be grateful for some insight. I have about a billion story ideas (Is that exaggerating???) a day so could fill a few magazines for a few years lol.

Okay finishing now as its too hot to carry on, I am going to find the nearest water source and submerge myself in it. Have a good week everyone – catch you next weekend to share the results…

2 thoughts on “From Library Assistant to Freelance Writer & Exciting Competition news…”

  1. Exciting times ahead! Have a look at Medium – if you post stories and writing just for members you can earn money through ‘claps’. I tried it, but don’t have the time to devote to writing as prolifically as I’d need to, or to build a following. Something to look at when I don’t have to work full time – but perhaps something you could look at doing once you’re a full time writer. 🙂


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