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Rejection, NaNo, interviews and inspiration…

Rejection, rejection, oh wait.. maybe, no rejection…. NaNo and working

Well this week I went for my first interview in over a decade ((wow you’re well old!)) to cut a long story short as I’ve spoken about this before. I worked in a Library for 11yrs, made redundant end of July then spent Sep and Oct focusing on writing. ((Wait – what happened to August??? Oh yeah you were on holiday for most of it!!)) well, I already had all that planned – what could I do? Throughout Sep/Oct I polished my Psychological Thriller and sent it out into the wide world. I’ve submitted to 5 agents/publishers – had one rejection and waiting on the rest. I didn’t get the job – everything went well but I was pipped at the post – the fact I need 7 weeks off next year could have been a factor?
((I love the fact you wanted 7 weeks off before you even started a job!! hilarious))

So, to a writer’s life of rejection. There doesn’t seem to many writers that can afford not to work in some way shape or form as well as write, especially those that self-publish. There are only so many copies you can make your family and friends buy! ((Guess what they’re all getting for Christmas lol)) Hey, good idea. ((I’m not the brains of this outfit for no reason. Stick with me – you will go far!!)) Also, having spent the last two months – living the writer’s life – I’ve missed the outside world. I know I was probably too focused on writing because I had limited time, and maybe if I had the income, I would have visited more book talks, maybe started a course etc. But, I’m a natural networker. ((Gossip – she means. Never shuts up. Goes on and on and on and on…)) and I love being around people – I like the interaction, so I’m actually looking forward to going back to work.

My thoughts are that even if I was successful with my writing career ((When you’re successful. No way you’re giving me up!)) I would still like to work in some way shape or form – ideally part-time so I have time to dedicate to both. I remember reading an article from an author saying that she was much more productive when she was working as it gives the day structure. I would agree with that – a day can so easily get away with you. But when you have a focused number of hours, I definitely think it motivates you. A bit like people that are doing NaNo this month – focused on a goal. If this month wasn’t so up in the air, I would have done NaNo – I really wanted to do it this year but my focus had to be on getting work– definitely next year – for those that don’t know about NaNo..

National Novel Writing Month is in November and it encourages people to write nearly a novel in a month – 50,000 words, you get loads of hints, tips and support to stay on track. You get badges and things for keeping on track – I love stuff like that. I wish I’d started it, and would encourage anyone to give it a go. I have it in my diary for next year.

So, anyone facing the same issue as me, see working as a positive step and not something you’re doing just to make money. Think of all the characters and ideas you can get from work. I believe in seeing the positives in life. ((especially when she’s had a few Baileys down her!))

I’ve heard it time and time again, rejection, rejection, get used to rejection, you will be rejected… and I thought yep, no problem I can deal with that… and I can. But I won’t lie – it is difficult. I find it easier to be rejected for a job than my writing. So, how did I deal with rejection this week – well I had a cup of coffee, sulked a bit, and then applied to an employment agency – interview today. The way I deal with it is to allow myself to wallow for a short period and then do something positive. How do you deal with rejection?? Come on tell me? Tantrum? Pretend to write a rude email back??? (( I deal with it by making sarcastic comments and generally annoying you)) Confess all – you know you want too…

So, to end on a positive note, what have I learned from this week? Well despite not getting the job, I filled in an application form which I haven’t done for over 11 years and went for an interview. Received lovely feedback – so all good. I’ve registered with an Agency this morning and that went well – my ideal is to have a balance between writing and paying the bills ((you will deffo get something – everyone says you’re really jammy – you proper annoy everyone that knows you with your jamminess!!)) erm, I think you will find that is my natural friendlessness, and because I’m really funny and so nice people want to work with me ((I’m funnier…)) are not… ((well, I am))  anyway, enough of that. I’m supposed to be telling people that rejection can lead to good things and to keep going ((well, you’ve failed. I’m totally depressed and I’m glad you only blog once a week – I couldn’t handle any more interaction with you)) Whatever. Anyway, ignore the brackets. I did have a nice surprise when I opened this month’s issue of the Writing Magazine and found a little piece I had sent to the ‘letters to the editor’ section. Even though it was not a ‘published’ story it still gave me a buzz to see my name in there – even if it wasn’t under my writing name C.L.Peache.

Okay that’s it ((Thank you – I need a rest, I’m exhausted)) if you have suffered any rejection this week, remember to acknowledge it, work out how this can make you grow and be better or ignore it/rant and drink Baileys and coffee like it did. WE WILL GET THERE, just keep going… REJECT, REJECTION

Have a fab weekend everyone, thanks for reading and please share your rejection tips… 😊

((Ohhhh, come on I thought that was it!!))
Just a little update on self-publishing on Amazon. I created an author page but after some info from a friend I’ve made on twitter, thanks @LitaLockeAuthor 😊  I did this on the US one and not the UK. Doh. I thought that it would cover all sites. So, I’ve set one up on the UK site – this then pulls through all your information on sales, ranks, reviews etc. Another learning curve on the self-publishing journey. Also, my short story a night lost to the past is still 99p on Amazon – so erm, go buy it 🙂 




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