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A year gone by…

Well, it’s been a year. I will try and only include book related stuff as I’m sure people are sick of my whole ‘life story’. ((Excellent, a blog where you’re not moaning. It must be Christmas – well it was Christmas when you started writing this blog and then you went off drinking all the… Continue reading A year gone by…

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Working together during lockdown

So, this month I’m delighted to share that I will have another book published! ((Show off)) Now, I cannot claim the full word count as this has been another collaborative project with my writing group. Last year we published a book, Burning Old School Ties. This new book has been written by a coven of… Continue reading Working together during lockdown

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Lone working, meetings, rejections, holidays and fitting life in!

Because sometimes you have to take in the view... take a deep breath and relax... Lone working, a meeting of friends, rejections, holidays and fitting life in! The last month has been a bit of a rollercoaster ((here we go again… wait while I set up an orchestra of tiny violins)) The new year resolutions… Continue reading Lone working, meetings, rejections, holidays and fitting life in!

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Rejection, NaNo, interviews and inspiration…

Rejection, rejection, oh wait.. maybe, no rejection…. NaNo and working Well this week I went for my first interview in over a decade ((wow you’re well old!)) to cut a long story short as I’ve spoken about this before. I worked in a Library for 11yrs, made redundant end of July then spent Sep and… Continue reading Rejection, NaNo, interviews and inspiration…

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Feelings, books, writing & networking

Happy Friday everyone. There are a few new people that have followed my  blog recently - thanks, hope you enjoy my musings - so thought I would just do a little round up about what its all about... Well this week has been a funny old week. On Tuesday it would have been my first… Continue reading Feelings, books, writing & networking