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After lockdown, adventures of an author and trying to make a living!

Well, I’m not 100% sure where to start… ((Always best to start at the beginning, waffle a bit in the middle and finish at the end. Unless you’re writing a time-travel novel or a historical novel, but let’s not be picky!)) Yeah, thanks, Brackets, helpful! So, the last month has been beyond busy. If you… Continue reading After lockdown, adventures of an author and trying to make a living!

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Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent

I’m extremely excited to finally share the news about one of my new ventures. A little back story if I may… So, back in the dreaded year which shall not be named, I embarked on a new venture. You don’t need to tell me about trying to set up a new business in a pandemic… Continue reading Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent

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Getting creative and adapting to life

Well, since last month there has been a lot of ups and downs – but then, that seems to be life for the vast majority of people during these difficult times. Also, how fast is time going? How is it November? I feel like I’m going to wake up one morning to discover I’ve reached… Continue reading Getting creative and adapting to life

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Letter Writing, Pen Pals & Friendship

Maybe some of you are thinking why am I doing a blog on letter writing ((I’m intrigued… actually I’m not, it’s just not many people interact with your blog so I thought I better pretend – thanks to those that do – you keep me alive)) A few things have happened lately that have made… Continue reading Letter Writing, Pen Pals & Friendship