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Getting creative and adapting to life

Well, since last month there has been a lot of ups and downs – but then, that seems to be life for the vast majority of people during these difficult times. Also, how fast is time going? How is it November? I feel like I’m going to wake up one morning to discover I’ve reached… Continue reading Getting creative and adapting to life

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Letter Writing, Pen Pals & Friendship

Maybe some of you are thinking why am I doing a blog on letter writing ((I’m intrigued… actually I’m not, it’s just not many people interact with your blog so I thought I better pretend – thanks to those that do – you keep me alive)) A few things have happened lately that have made… Continue reading Letter Writing, Pen Pals & Friendship

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Novel feedback and bucket list travels

Okay, so this will probably be my final blog ((What, ever, ever? Surely not – what about me? Although I could probably entertain people better than you!)) for six to seven weeks ((shucks)) Due to my upcoming bucket list holiday on Monday, for those that don’t know ((Please, even people that don’t know you, know… Continue reading Novel feedback and bucket list travels

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Creative writing courses, and telling tales

As promised I’m chatting about the courses I attended last week. I found them all very useful, and there was a lovely group on each workshop, which really makes a difference ((I bet they were fed up of you going on like you know everything? Look at me I wrote a novel in a month,… Continue reading Creative writing courses, and telling tales

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Character Sheets = an organised writer

Character sheets So, this week I wanted to rant on about character sheets ((Do you have a character sheet for me?? Is it cool? Under comedic value do I have like the highest score??)) I looked around on the tinterwebnet for information on character sheets when I first started out and found a few bits… Continue reading Character Sheets = an organised writer