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Writing update…

Hello folks, and a big hello to all the new people who have followed my blog lately. Welcome aboard and please feel free to comment and ask questions. ((Just be aware... if she doesn't know the answer she will make it up!)) Well, going back to work was a shock to the system after 6.5… Continue reading Writing update…

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Day Twelve… Fradley locks…

It’s a disappointing start to the morning when we attempt to use the showers but the water is cold and the power of the water is rubbish for filling the boat back up. But never mind, I’m sure once they’ve had time to rejuvenate the facilities it will be a wonderful site although it’s a… Continue reading Day Twelve… Fradley locks…

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Day Ten… an interesting time at a new Marina and this is my 100th blog post!

We have a lovely stop near Great Haywood after turning around in the very busy winding ((That's pronounced wind - as in windy not as in wind up - hole)) and what a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday we decided to about turn and head towards home. Further up the canal there… Continue reading Day Ten… an interesting time at a new Marina and this is my 100th blog post!

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Day Seven… Halcyon days and a lot of locks!

Up early as usual and time to crank it. We make the rookie mistake of not putting the tiller on as we only need to move one boat along for the water point and of course, a boat came along as soon as we pulled out of our mooring spot – that’s the way of… Continue reading Day Seven… Halcyon days and a lot of locks!

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Day two… Pirates!

After a good sleep apart from waking up to the welcome sound of a little sprinkle of rain. For those not in the UK, we’ve had some pretty hot days recently – I think the hottest ever recorded here since records began ((you probably made that up!)) I was also woken up by the sound… Continue reading Day two… Pirates!