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Publication day. Stick to your genre…

Hi everyone, Where did last month go! It’s been a blur of helping to organise the Newark Book Festival and finally finally, finally getting my travel book out there! ((You sound like an old broken record Peachy)) Oh I feel like one Brackets, especially when it comes to my travel book! My blog in April… Continue reading Publication day. Stick to your genre…

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Day five. Daydreaming and plans

Sat on the foreshore of London, thinking about what to blog about. Listening to sound of thunder and waiting for the rain to come. Today, has mainly consisted of sitting in a hot car travelling to London. But not a completely wasted day when it comes to the work of an author. I have used… Continue reading Day five. Daydreaming and plans

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Day four, writing group and writing naked

Okay, I better explain myself a little bit here so you don't get the wrong idea! This morning I went into Newark to meet up with my pals - one my editor friend that I have mentioned before (he says he's not a proper editor, but as far as I can see he is doing… Continue reading Day four, writing group and writing naked

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Day three in the writers house :)

Well my plans for today slightly changed as I was supposed to be drinking Prosecco and generally crying with laughter... but instead I have been editing, sitting in the sun (thinking about my stories - I'm no slacker! I was also drinking coffee and eating strawberries)  I have also being doing research on increasing my… Continue reading Day three in the writers house 🙂


A Writers Life – Day two

Day two in my new life as an aspiring 'out of work' author, I won't despair just yet - only been unemployed for a few days lol. You will pleased to know that I have managed to keep my caffeine intake to only three cups. It is a constant struggle... On the subject of caffeine.… Continue reading A Writers Life – Day two