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Exhilarating research for a story!

I find myself in different waters as a writer ((well you live on a boat now Peachy, so nice pun)) I mainly write fiction and the stories have always been sitting there in my mind waiting patiently for me to put them on paper/screen. I’ve had to research some bits and bobs to make sure… Continue reading Exhilarating research for a story!

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Writing update…

Hello folks, and a big hello to all the new people who have followed my blog lately. Welcome aboard and please feel free to comment and ask questions. ((Just be aware... if she doesn't know the answer she will make it up!)) Well, going back to work was a shock to the system after 6.5… Continue reading Writing update…

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Day Eighteen: The end of the adventure…

We get up early and fill up with water whilst we wait for the lockie to arrive. I was going to do the lock myself – I have a key, but I don’t know, for some reason I didn’t want to do it. Even though I have operated one of the larger locks before. Anyway,… Continue reading Day Eighteen: The end of the adventure…

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Day Seventeen – Illegal mooring and we have to crank it!

It’s an early morning cruise as the battery is on 51% and when we use the coffee machine it uses about 2-3% of the battery… ((wait you mean you started the day without a coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????? Why didn’t you call the emergency coffee line… I’m sure Mick would have delivered one)) I doubt it Brackets –… Continue reading Day Seventeen – Illegal mooring and we have to crank it!

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Day Sixteen… egg butties, ice-cream and fizz..

We make it as far as Trent Lock before deciding to moor for lunch. Egg butties – cannot beat them! We watch a bit of MotoGP before heading to the pub for a little drink – someone has to keep the hospitality industry going, especially with all this talk of a recession – although there… Continue reading Day Sixteen… egg butties, ice-cream and fizz..