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This could be dangerous….

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you’ve had a nice Christmas break whatever you’ve been doing. As you may know from previous blogs it’s been a tough year but I made a conscious decision to not stress and just enjoy the time. I somehow managed it and feel quite refreshed for a new year,… Continue reading This could be dangerous….

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Finding motivation, challenging times, and working from home

So, I have literally started this blog about one hundred, and thirty two thousand, eight hundred and forty two thousand million times ((come now, this is never going to be as good as that MP, and it has been done many times, so give it up!))  I wasn’t quite sure what to talk about this… Continue reading Finding motivation, challenging times, and working from home

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Just a hobby?

Something really annoyed me this week ((I can feel a rant coming on…)) it was mentioned by someone ((I wouldn’t like to be that someone)) that my writing is just a hobby. What defines a hobby? Something that interests you, but you don’t make an income from? Does that mean that everything else takes priority… Continue reading Just a hobby?

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Time thieves & Anxiety… Planning can help!

Hi all, hope you’ve had a good few weeks. So, as many of you will know I returned to work last week after a wonderful eight months off writing and then enjoying a bucket list holiday to New Zealand. ((Still laughing at you going back to work)) But, the inevitable happened; I didn’t win the… Continue reading Time thieves & Anxiety… Planning can help!