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3-year anniversary of my writing blog/website.

I hope you are well and for those of you based in the UK, I don’t know about you, but I feel hope is starting to creep into the days ahead. The bright blue skies and sunshine over the past few days have really helped. This month’s blog is celebrating my 3-year WordPress anniversary! ((Happy… Continue reading 3-year anniversary of my writing blog/website.

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2018 Review, and a Christmas surprise…

Since this is my last blog of 2018 I thought I would do a little bit of a roundup, and tell you my plans for 2019. I find making goals keeps me focused. (This is brackets speaking, be warned she totally rambles on in this one… all about her, blah boring blah) Well, I have… Continue reading 2018 Review, and a Christmas surprise…

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Self-publishing, self-doubt, and Indie authors

The pic is a sneak preview of my cover… exciting… On Wednesday I ordered the proof copy of my Christmas Novella, ‘Game of Souls’ from Amazon. I celebrated with a square of chocolate and did the washing up (God, you are so rock and roll I cannot even deal with it! Washing up – really… Continue reading Self-publishing, self-doubt, and Indie authors

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Book blurb, cake, sale… need i say more?

If my writing careers ends here, at least I got to eat my own book cake 😊 Decided to blog a day early in celebration of getting cake... A night lost to the past is now 99p via Amazon... So, when I’m rich and famous, actually take out the rich because I’m happy to just… Continue reading Book blurb, cake, sale… need i say more?