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Just a hobby?

Something really annoyed me this week ((I can feel a rant coming on…)) it was mentioned by someone ((I wouldn’t like to be that someone)) that my writing is just a hobby. What defines a hobby? Something that interests you, but you don’t make an income from? Does that mean that everything else takes priority and less importance is put on it because you’re not being paid for it?

Now, I know this comment mainly came from a good place, because they could see I was getting a bit stressed as I was so busy at work and with all my other commitments (hobbies). But, it did get me thinking about how some people view hobbies.

When did being paid for something over-ride things you want to do? ((Erm, well you do have bills and you have countless holidays to pay for and therefore need a job!)) Yes, I know and understand that. But surely there has to be a balance?

If you see someone rushing about, working hard, having deadlines trying their best and then find out it for a hobby, and they are not being paid for it – why is that seen differently than if you said you’re so busy because of paid work? People sympathise when it’s for work. But about a hobby they will say, well you don’t have to do that, you don’t have to volunteer, you don’t have to work that hard – like it is a choice. Even a hobby sometimes comes with responsibilities and things you have to do – mainly because you want to do it. Yes, I suppose you can turn around and say NO. That’s it, I’m not doing it, because strictly speaking you’re not being paid for it. Therefore, you can walk away without financial repercussions, then what kind of person does that make you?

((Flipping heck, you’re totally on one this week. I would suggest a holiday, but you’ve only been back at work a week and are off this week hobbying! How the other half live! And before you go on another rant – yes I know you’re looking for work and have stuff lined up. Chill your beans!))

Anyway, that’s it for a rant. Has anyone else felt this about their writing or any hobby they do? Do you think it’s unrealistic to expect to be given leeway for a hobby? Especially when you really enjoy everything that comes with those hobbies.

Other things going on in life contribute to anxiety and stress ((You should go into counselling or something, honestly you’re such a genius – I bet no-one had thought of this until you said that! Eye-roll)) It’s rare that anyone doesn’t have some form of stress in their lives. I even caught myself thinking I need to read that new writing magazine; like it was a job/a task that needed signing off. ((Please come on now – you know that book you read a long time ‘How to get a grip?’ I think you need to re-read it!)) As soon as I had this thought, I laughed at myself thinking ‘come on!’ This kind of thing should be enjoyed, not a task. But, it’s amazing how the brain can lock onto small worries so that your brain doesn’t focus on the bigger stuff. I wrote a blog on ‘time thieves’ in April and re-read this to help me to ‘get a grip’.

My friend made a good point ((don’t praise her too much as she will get a big head – like her…)) enough of that brackets! I will quote and hope she doesn’t do me for copyright*… “We need hobbies to de-stress, be creative and just get away from the real world sometimes!!”

Have a great few weeks, if you feel like having a rant then feel free to join in. It’s very therapeutic.

The next blog on the 7th June will be about writing collaborations.

P.S. The pic is from my holiday on the Norfolk Broads. I find it very calming and felt it was appropriate for this weeks blog.

* My friend said that if I call her my best friend then I can borrow her words. ((Erm, excuse me!))


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