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A chat with an agent, Twitter hours, travel books and self-publishing

My new notebook! Love it.

Hello everyone, I cannot believe another month has gone by! 

Last month on the journey to become a published author, I took part in an agent 1-1 which was arranged through two fabulous people, Elane and Sarah who are the brains behind Iaminprint. I’ve spoken about them before as I’ve taken part in their webinars. They have had some amazing webinars which involves them chatting to an author, agent or someone in the book world.  You can get involved and ask questions and meet some lovely people. You also learn so much listening to other writers’ journeys and insights into the industry in general. ((What exactly did your friend say about you the other day? That you assimilate information like a Borg – Star Trek for those not in the know)) I know Brackets, fantastic compliment. ((I’m not quite sure that was a compliment Peachy)) Anyway, you can learn about market trends, information on submissions, cover letters and tips on how to market your book. You can find them on Twitter or go to their website;  I recommended you sign up and get involved.

Another service they offer is a 1-1 with an agent. I paid £60, but the prices do vary. Now, I know that is a lot of money, well it is, and it isn’t. I know there are people that would love to do this and really don’t have the money, but Iaminprint do offer some bursaries. I paid for mine using the money I’d earnt from self-publishing my novellas. This is money well spent reinvested into my writing journey.

As well as the webinars, I’ve taken part in Twitter hours with writing groups – which sadly i don’t always have time for, but really enjoy them. I’ve paid to have a 1-1 session to go through my manuscript – which I did through The Quad in Derby – I’ve spoken about this is a previous blog.  This cost me £20 at the time. Everyone has their own journey, but I found these really useful. I hope they are to you if you decide to try them.

I’m really limited on time, so I will keep this blog short ((Hurrah. I’ve tried to keep quietish until now since you were talking about serious stuff and not just moaning or waffling like normal!)) This is a very serious blog about my writing journey, Brackets and I only moan when appropriate. Nothing I can say about the waffling, I do waffle. I like talking, what can I say!

Following on from my 1-1, I’m now looking at changes I need to make to my novel. I also need to try and plot, and plotting has never been something I’ve ever done. I’m a direct download from brain to page writer, but I’m looking forward to the challenge and it’s all part of the development. I’m also reading some books and doing some more research on book blurbs. If anyone has any hours free, then please send them my way!

This is obviously going to take some hustling because I’m already very busy, but as my friend said, I do assimilate information and the bonus is I’m knackered at bedtime so the illusive sleep of late should be solved! As I’ve said in another blog, I started a new job In January, which I love, but all new jobs are more time consuming because I always want to do my best and that requires dedicating time to that success.  I’m also in the process of getting my New Zealand travel journal ready to self-publish in April. ((Alright give over now Peachy you will be giving people anxiety!)) Sorry if I am, I don’t mean to freak anyone out. I know many people that are even busier than me and remember, I don’t have children, so that gives me quite a few extra hours in a day!

Quick last update on my travel book. I had a great meeting with a friend from my writing group who is editing my travel book. There was not as much ‘pink’ pen as I thought there would be. Phew! If you’re judging me by my blog, there is a disclaimer that I don’t have time to seriously edit this. Which means, these blogs are raw ramblings ((Don’t let me near it with a pot of tippex!)) Anyway, we had a productive chat about all the corrections as I want this to be a learning process as well as the ultimate goal of having a well edited book. I’ve been trying to work out a timeline for publication based on everything else I have to do and think it’s going to go something like this…


Cover reveal and pre-order on the 1st April, which is the date we returned from our epic 43-day adventure visiting New Zealand, Singapore and Sydney.


Publication date of hopefully, fingers and legs crossed ((Ha – yeah right!)) of 25th April. I will delay or even publish on the 1at April if it is perfect as I cannot wait to share my adventure.


That’s it from me and Brackets for another month. See you on the 1st April for an early blog and cover launch. For those eagle eyed amongst you I’m not going to blog on the 1st of the month – well that’s the plan!


Right off to find someone to steal some time from…


((You’re not having any of mine Peachy. I’m need my time for cyber networking))

Happy writing. See you on the 1st April for the cover reveal x

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