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Cover reveal… my New Zealand travel book is LIVE!

Well, finally, after a lot of work… I’m excited to reveal my travel book…
(How amazing is the cover? I love it!)

187 Kilometres, turn left
This book is about our bucket list road trip around New Zealand with a stop in Singapore and a week in Sydney. This was a trip I’ve always wanted to make, and since I cannot drive, I dragged my Other Half along as it wouldn’t have been much of a road trip without the car! I decided that I wanted to keep a journal of our amazing journey and this journal, eventually, turned into this book.

When we decided to make this dream a reality, we couldn’t find many travel guides that were just about an everyday person with an affordable budget. There were lots of blogs and YouTube videos but not many actual books. Our budget was £100 spending money per day and then accommodation, flights, insurance, car hire etc on top and overall our budget was 10K.
There are so many little things that we wished we had known before we went which would have made our lives easier and avoided some stress, so I’ve added lots of top tips.

Reviews so far include, “I laughed out loud” (my friend) “Bloody Brilliant” (my mum) “I would do that in Singapore – thanks for the tip” (my friend) “You’re so funny, everyone will love it” (I’m sure my friend said that)
I’m sure lots of famous people will also comment once they have read it. If Bill Bryson gets to read this, I hope he sends me a quote – if only to make one of my friends jealous. Well, that’s as long as he says something nice… (love you Bill)
You might also notice there is a new tab on my website – this has a selection, a very very small selection of our photos – we took over 4,000! Hopefully they will give you a little extra visual representation of our holiday.
The e-book is available today from Amazon:

It’s been a very difficult time getting all this together. Motivation during this daily changing world is a real challenge and I planned on doing a cover reveal and then have my book available for pre-order, and do a whole social media campaign – but that is just too much at the moment so I’ve decided to send my little book out into the world and see what happens! Due to the order restrictions on new books I’m unable to make my paperback live at the moment. Once the restrictions have been lifted, I will do a ‘launch’ for the paperback. I’m so sad that I cannot offer the physical book as the cover is divine. My fabulous talented friend, Christine Goldschmidt created my amazing cover and I’m sure you will agree that it is beautiful. I highly recommended Christine Goldschmidt, if you would like any art work creating, you can find her here…

I’m sure launching a travel book in the middle of a global pandemic won’t be a problem! If you cannot physically travel, you can mentally travel through my book and then you will be poised ready to book your flights and adventure!
Right that’s it from me. Short and sweet this month. Hopefully some exciting news to update you on next month!
Stay safe everyone x

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