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Finding motivation, challenging times, and working from home

So, I have literally started this blog about one hundred, and thirty two thousand, eight hundred and forty two thousand million times ((come now, this is never going to be as good as that MP, and it has been done many times, so give it up!))

 I wasn’t quite sure what to talk about this month, but then, you know, it seemed obvious to go with motivation, as let’s face it, it is hard to find any at the moment – I’ve checked behind the sofa, in the emergency drawer, in the cupboard where I chuck stuff when I cannot be bothered to clear up ((what about in your emergency box with the secret stash of chocolate ?)) Brackets, please don’t give up my secrets! I’d written this blog post, I was happy, Brackets had even said a few funny things. I was ready to go, and then… I turned on my PC on Sunday morning and the ‘blue screen of death’ entered my life.

I’m not even going to write the cornflake dark chocolate cluster of things that went wrong because quite honestly, if I submitted that to an agent, they would say they wouldn’t even be able to sell that as a work of fiction – too farfetched would be the rejection, in capital letters, in the subject header – that would have gone into my junk folder.

When I got in touch with the tech company; as thankfully my PC is only 7 months old, so still in warranty, one of the tech options to get in touch with them was ‘Blue screen of DEATH’ ((Does that mean that I nearly died???? Me)) Erm, it was a close call Brackets but luckily for you, you actually live in my twisted mind, so as long as I’m still here, you’re good to go. ((Wait, I live in your mind and not in cyberworld?… I might need counselling to deal with this revelation. I thought I was a free spirit – living in an alternate computer world where I could go anywhere. Where I could be anything, do anything?)) Okay Brackets don’t milk it, I have too much stress going on to deal with your breakdown – I opened a packet of crisps to console myself, the packet was split and they were stale, i could go on… ((Okay, okay Peachy, you win!))

So, back to the subject of motivation. Man alive, it’s hard at the moment. I work freelance so my income pretty much relies on having a working PC. I did actually hide under a blanket the other day as the stress was just too much. Not only the PC causing me problems, but financial problems which means constant phone calls, which inevitably are taking longer because everyone is working from home. Anyone else find that they can deal with the big stresses in life, but when all the small things mount up it just becomes too much, and you feel like the whole world is just picking on you? The tech team did thank me for being so calm when talking to them as they’d received so much abuse. IT problems are so frustrating. But it’s not their fault. ((Good job they didn’t hear you ranting the day before. I checked the swear jar and there’s one hundred, and twenty-two pounds, three hundred, six pence and a couple of old euros)) haha – good one Brackets!

I understand that motivation is very difficult to find at the moment, believe me, I’ve struggled a lot in the last few weeks. But I’ve told myself to Woman up and be grateful for the good things I have in life. If life teaches us anything, it’s that everything passes with time. These are just a few short hours, days, weeks, months and don’t define who we are or what comes next ((Great motivational speech Peachy)) thanks Brackets. ((Wait, the world must have gone mad, we have just been nice to each other!)) In these times more than ever we must look after each other, Brackets. When all else fails, smile…

I’m pretty good at backing up my work – but even so I have lost data, and not to mention having to reload Microsoft, security, and all the websites that I have saved to make life easier. But hey ho, I keep telling myself there are people in worse situations. But then I feel bad that other people lives are worse than mine. Anyway, if you’ve made it this far without consuming alcohol or Valium, then please please please back up your work. DO IT NOW… ((Hold on Peachy… maybe at the end of reading your blog)) Oh yeah, nearly finished…

My blog is about my writing journey and this is all part of it. In my writing news I’m still waiting for some feedback from some submissions. I lost 6,000 words of my Children’s Fantasy novel which was nearly ready to submit ((DRAGONS!!! MAGIC)) so this weekend will be spent rewriting this and back to the editing process before I start submitting.

I also did an Amazon countdown sale for my new travel book, but due to the PC playing up I missed many opportunities, so didn’t get chance to promote it on the Sunday, but again, never mind. I’ve made a few sales over the last week or so and received some fab reviews so that helps to keep the positively pot topped up.

Right, that’s me done, again. Hope you’re all coping in the strange world we find ourselves in. Keep writing if you can, and if you cannot do that, there is always another day. Be kind to yourself and give yourself a break if you don’t manage everything you want to do in day. We can only do our best.

Before I go, what I will say ((come on Peachy, people need to go and save their work)) is that we all need our friends and family or whoever/whatever that support may be at the moment. I’m lucky to have a lot of these wonderful people in my life that bring me down off the ceiling when I’m ranting. There are many places you can get support online, my Twitter pals are fab, join a writing group, engage with people on Instagram, Facebook or a WordPress blog. That connection with the outside world really does help.

Take care everyone, stay safe, and see you next month 😊 x

P.S. Many thanks to my amazing and talented friend from Laney’s Lettering who created my fabulous quote. You can find her on Facebook

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