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NaNoWriMo Winner and fantasy book news

Well, what can I say, just when you think 2020 cannot get any tougher, it does. ((never mind, Peachy. Pull up your big girl pants and crack on, just be careful you don’t get a wedgie!)) I might have already gone past the wedgie stage, Brackets, I think I’m nearly at the mankini stage!

Anyway, always one to try and see the positives. I AM A NANO WINNER – this means that during the month of November I wrote 50,000 words which is something to celebrate. I must admit it was harder than usual, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, life is a bit tough at the moment, but I was determined to write as much as I could about book two in my fantasy series.

A bit of advice if you’re planning on taking part in NaNo next year and you’re writing a series, I suggest doing a lot more planning than I did, as it helps to keep that flow so you’re not having to pull out an idea out before you start your wordcount for that day. It was so difficult this year as I’ve had brain fog through being stressed. Even though I managed the 50K, it didn’t flow like my books normally do and this means lots more editing than usual. But, getting the words down on paper is a massive step forward and it gives me something to work with and I’ve thought of some great ideas for book three. I also had fun engaging with people when I asked for dragon names! Cannot believe so many people got involved, on this note there will be a dragon family tree coming soon – extremely exciting. ((enough with the dragon obsession, Peachy. Man alive who loves dragons that much!)) erm, millions of people actually, Brackets.

Last update before I leave and make myself a cappuccino… ((That Patreon money is being well spent on coffee!!))  The picture for the blog is a little sneak peek of my new fantasy novel, here is the title and a little bit of blurb…

Series: Festival of Time
Book One: Escape

The Festival of Time is upon them. The portals will open, allowing them to move between worlds.

Magic is in the air… can Thanan, Star and Pol escape the cruelty of the Masters and leave Luminosa.

Will Villian go forth like the Princes of old and bring the Dragons back to Arcus in time to save his world?

Pathanclaw is desperate to find the ‘one’ and the female dragons they lost so long ago… Humans should never have been taught the secret of magic…

It’s currently in the final stages of proof reading and I need to tweak the cover/blurb, but I hope to publish my new book before Christmas. This book has been in my mind for a long time and it’s always exciting to hold a new book in your hand ((and sniff it! Peachy always sniffs new books!))

Right that’s it, I’m off to read my book and get it ready to hit Amazon… number one bestseller here I come! I really hope that if 2020 has been as difficult for you, as it has for me, that the end of the year is kinder and 2021 brings lots of joy and many more wonderful books to write and read.

Stay safe everyone.

Happy Christmas from myself and Brackets xx

2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Winner and fantasy book news”

  1. You gave some great advice here about NaNo – prepare! It makes the writing so much easier. I’ve done 3 of them with mixed success, based on the amount of prep I’ve done. And congrats on making so much progress with your book! I’m a fan of dragons!


    1. I agree. In interesting how you find your style changing. I wonder if the genre makes a difference. I haven’t needed to do any planning in my other books. But these fantasy books require a lot more. Well done you for taking part in 3. As much as the writing i love connecting with other writers through the NaNo process. Thank you (glad to have found a fellow dragon fan) ☺️

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