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This could be dangerous….

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you’ve had a nice Christmas break whatever you’ve been doing. As you may know from previous blogs it’s been a tough year but I made a conscious decision to not stress and just enjoy the time. I somehow managed it and feel quite refreshed for a new year, even if it’s still as challenging.

So, to the blog… I’m about to commit to the world that I have plans for 2021! ((OMG Peachy, are you completely mad?? You know how 2020 has been – are you sure??)) Yes, Brackets, apparently I thrive on goals and challenges and this year will be no different, even if those goals or decisions have to be stretched a bit ((I doubt they will be as stretched as much as your positive pants… you’re literally wearing a mankini you have pulled up your positive pants so much this year!)) I know, Brackets. I know!

I always like to start a new year plan by revisiting my goals for the previous year, so here goes:

Attend more Book Festivals and more writing group sessions… ((hahahahahahaha)) I know! This was kind of curtained due to the pandemic. I did help organise a successful Newark Book Festival, which involved learning on the fly but we got there in the end and it was a huge success. So I did get to attend some book events, even if they were virtual. We also moved our writing group online (for now) and the writing workshops went really well.

Finish the Gothic Novel with my writing group – achieved and published… The Brinwade Chronicles. Some amazing stories – such a talented group.

Submit my psychological thriller and fantasy story – This kind of stalled after the pandemic kicked in and I decided to focus on self-publishing for a while. I might submit again one day but the sheer length of time it takes to submit, wait and then if you get the golden ticket, well, it just takes way too long before a book is published for my timescale. I think I might be too impatient for mainstream…

Publish my New Zealand travel book – Done! It might have been a little late, due to the world turning upside down and affecting timescales but my book about my travels is available to buy and hopefully once the world opens up a bit, I will be able to promote it as I intended. 187 Kilometres, turn left

Try and get a story published in People’s Friend – I have submitted a story but not heard anything yet. It is tough to get a foot in the door but I will keep trying. They are a bit behind with reading new subs, due to…well, you know.

Expand my Night Lost to the Past story based in Newark – This is on hold for a while. It’s still simmering in my mind but I want to concentrate on my fantasy books. Although once the world opens up and I can get into the Civil War Museum, I might start cracking on with the research I need to do for this project.

So, if you’re still reading… I hope you were able to achieve everything you wanted or were able to shimmy them about in your diary for another time.

To the dangerous issue of 2021 plans…

  1. Not really a writing goal but number one is to get a temporary job or freelance role. I have never known a tougher year for employment. Let’s face it, without money, there are no cappuccinos ((Please, Peachy don’t say things like that! No coffee – you wouldn’t last a day!))
  2. Publish my fantasy novel – so so close. I’m hoping the publishing date for book one will be mid- January. I’m say hoping, because, you know! I wrote 50k of book two during NaNo so I’m working through editing and adding to this so I can publish this Spring/Summer. I am keeping my goals very flexible this year! I would like to publish the trilogy in 2021 but it depends on many things so it’s a goal on paper!
  3. Create a role-playing game based on my fantasy series. I’ve already created one quest. I’ve played RPG (role playing games) all my life and it all started with D&D. My plan, once it’s been tested and tweaked, is to offer it up on Kickstarter to get the funds together to market it. A lot of work, but really enjoying creating it. Especially as it is based on my fantasy world so I have the story there I just need to adapt to RPG. I’m also in talks for an artist to create my images and also publishing the rule book and need to find somewhere to create the templates and specific dice I will need for the characters – all very exciting!
  4. Hopefully when the world opens up I will be able to run the writing workshops I’ve spoken about in my new studio. I’m very excited to see where this goes, to be around creative people and support other writers’ journeys will be wonderful.
  5. Attend my writing group workshops which are online for now and enter all the competitions! We’ve had quite a few new members this year and I cannot wait until we can all meet up in real life.

Right, that’s it for my plans. Not as many as normal but must keep it realistic. I wish you luck with your plans for 2021! Let’s hope it’s a better year for all of us and we can live somewhat a normal life again, whatever that might be. If you have any goals you wish to share then I would love to hear them. I haven’t decided on my reading goal for 2021 so better get a move on – suggestions welcome!

Have a great month. Fingers crossed my fantasy book will be winging it’s way into the cyberworld very soon!

Clair x

3 thoughts on “This could be dangerous….”

  1. Hi Clair! It was fun to see you pop up on my blog, and of course, I’m here to visit. I love your idea of an RPG based on your book. What fun. It’s a great way to spin off something new from the story you’ve already written and garner interest in your book at the same time. You have some great goals for 2021. Best of luck. 🙂


    1. Hi Diana, it was really lovely to hear you talk tonight. I look forward to reading your posts. Nearly bedtime for me! But will catch up tomorrow.
      Thank you – it has been so interesting to see how developing the game has influenced the books. I look forward to reading some of your books very soon. Take care and speak soon 🙂

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