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Day Six… Rude canal users…

A nice quiet evening was had and then it was up early to wander to the Marina and pick up the screw pins for the mooring – we hope these will be a lot better in many ways. Firstly, they screw into the soil/bank which hopefully will make them more secure when boaters speed past like they are on the way to the chippy on a Friday night, and also quieter for the folks living next to the canal as you twist them in rather using a massive great hammer and whacking at it and channeling your inner Thor/Hulk/He-Man. ((showing your age there Peachy – He-Man!)) So, we will see how they go. We also treated ourselves to a coffee.

Highly recommend the moorings just past bridge 23, we did have to use mooring pins rather than the Armco ((This is made from metal – like the crash barriers you see on roads. You use special hooks and they are much easier than using mooring pins)) but it was a really nice spot and we made use of the co-op a couple of times which is only about five minutes’ walk away and we might have just tested out the pubs.

We decide to crank it this morning rather than the planned few days of rest we had in mind as I feel a lot better and the batteries on the boat are getting a bit low and we don’t want to let them get below 50%. I think i have mentioned before that we don’t have our solar panels sorted yet and we will probably wait until next year to buy them. One reason it’s down to the amount of money we have already spent and we won’t be doing any longer cruises until next year as we will be working and based in the Marina so hooked up to the mains.

We stop at the facilities, because for the last time, I won’t say it again ((thank the canal fairies if you say facilities one more time!)) if you get the chance, you might as well stop. We do the necessary and then have a tricky turn off this point as we had to reverse in. We find using the ropes is easier than engine power and get her out on the second try and then moor up for an omelette followed by strawberries and ice-cream.

Taking a pause from cracking on with my fantasy novel to do Dallow Lock – what a lovely little lock, even though one of the paddles was a bit dodgy and it was a little leaky, it was so easy to work the paddles which were working and open the gates. My fav so far.  There are lovely moorings following this lock as well but we are going to crank it for a bit. I will try and get more pics of these on the return journey. Also, if there is anything you want me to explain just let me know. I don’t know it all but i will try my best!

This stretch of canal is lovely and we are treated to view after view of countryside and woods and what is this… we arrive at the lock to find that someone is rudely hogging the landing lock ((This is a specific area where you can tie up the boat and wait your turn. This can be because the someone is using the lock or they need to tie up and set the lock so the water is at the right level so they can open the gates)) a ‘gang’ of geese think they have right of way and they don’t even have a boat and i bet they don’t have a Canal and River Trust Licence! Rude. The Captain drops me off and I walk past them to set the lock and get hissed at for my trouble! I mean, they clearly have no intention of moving.

Next we arrive at Tatenhill Lock 9 which has a beautiful B&B alongside. If you love boats then this would be a great place to stay. It looks picture perfect. As i said earlier, on the way back I will try and add a little bit more detail about each lock. It’s all new to us on the way up and I’m needing to spend more time on my novel to get it finished.

Another day done and we moor up near Barton Turns which was a lovely spot. There is so much Armco along this canal. Not at all like Oxford canal where there didn’t seem to be much, but then again we were on a hire boat so maybe there was just more boaters out. We thought it would be rude not to have wander to the very traditional pub for a drink and then we had a wander up the canal path. then, it’s home. Another day done.

(I still have a problem so will try and upload some pictures but if i don’t get chance a few of them will be on my Instagram and Facebook Pages.)

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