Day Fourteen – Cleaning day…

We are moored in a slightly remote area so we decide to start the day with a clean of the roof, bow and stern and the side of the boat we can reach from the bank. There is something quite satisfying about taking everything off ((I think i should clarify that Peachy means taking stuff off the roof and not stripping to clean the boat!!)) BRACKETS! and giving it a good old clean. We have two large water sprayers which we use normally to clean the motorbike. It would be better with a hosepipe but we are not near a waterpoint and the way the water shortages are going we cannot justify cleaning the boat like that but our sprayers were already full of water so they did the job.

After the outside was done we had a break to watch MotoGP practice but the signal wasn’t all that good so eventually we tootled off the small distance to Willington where we are going to meet friends later. We manage to get in more of less where we were last time so it’s a quick trip to the co-op for supplies and then start on cleaning the inside. It’s also so much better using the mooring screws rather than pins. Highly recommend them to anyone who only has the pins and a hammer. They have kept the boat sturdy since with no mooring pins being pulled out.

We still have quite a bit of stuff to sort in our storage container but even some of the personal items/trinkets/knick-knacks just don’t look right on the boat. Also we brought 3 of our lamps from home but again they don’t look right and the lighting is so good on the boat we really don’t need them so they will be being sold when we get back. The less clutter the better as far as we are concerned.  

After all that work we treat ourselves to cheese on toast – haven’t had that in ages – lovely. ((You eat and drink a lot on these boating holidays. Well, in general really Peachy.)) well, the problem is you need to eat as if it might be your last meal for a while, maybe like two hours, just in case you cannot get a mooring and have to keep cruising. It’s a fine balance as you need lots of fuel for the locks and stuff. ((Yeah tell me another one. You’re just greedy!))

A short blog again today as we show our mates around the boat as well as making use of the fact The Dragon pub is only a 2 min stroll away ((You should have taken your fantasy series books to sell them Peachy!)) I don’t think they would have appreciated me doing that but I did think I might start putting them on display when we moor up and sell them, like people do with the food honestly boxes.

Tomorrow we have been away for two weeks which our longest ever boating stint as the canal boating holidays we did before were only for one week. It’s gone really slow and fast as holiday sometimes feel like they do. It’s been a great adventure and we still have to go through quite a few locks, hopefully a stop in Nottingham and then onto the mighty River Trent to get home again! If you’re thinking of hiring a boat then go for it. There is a lot to learn and it’s bloomin’ hard work, ((esp when you headbutt the gunnel like you did last night – that might have been the prosecco again though!)) well, it’s not my fault they put great pubs all the way along the canal is it! Someone has to try and help keep the economy going as the stupid bloomin’ government ain’t up to the job. ((Alright, I was only saying!)) where was I? oh yeah, if you get the chance then go for it, it’s a great adventure and if you want to get closer to nature and slow life down a bit it the holiday to have. Sorry not many canal pics today! I do have our first journey when we bought the boat and at some point i will add all those videos on which also includes a tour of the boat before we renovated. I will be doing a video once we have our curtains up. Still lots we want to do but happy to show you what The Plot looks like inside and everything we have done. Those videos might be the end of August depending on what time i have.

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