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BE BRAVE. My steps to publishing…

Be brave, one step at a time. You will make it to the top BE BRAVE! My steps to publishing... Write a novelEdit the novelCreate a coverUpload to the platform of your choiceTa Da – sit back and watch the reviews and the cash roll in… If only it was so simple! ((Life is never… Continue reading BE BRAVE. My steps to publishing…

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Naming your characters

How do you decide your character names? I was sitting on the back of the motorbike, and as usual thinking about the stories I’m writing and mulling over some character names I needed for my fantasy story. That started me thinking about where we find these names? With a name, comes great responsibility! Someone said… Continue reading Naming your characters

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How to portray a character? What character research do you do? LGBTQ+ characters.

This week I wanted to talk about character research. What forms of research do you do for the characters in your story? The first thing I do is go to the good old favourite - the internet search. But lately, I’ve found myself thinking more about one of my characters, which will be part of… Continue reading How to portray a character? What character research do you do? LGBTQ+ characters.

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Character Sheets = an organised writer

Character sheets So, this week I wanted to rant on about character sheets ((Do you have a character sheet for me?? Is it cool? Under comedic value do I have like the highest score??)) I looked around on the tinterwebnet for information on character sheets when I first started out and found a few bits… Continue reading Character Sheets = an organised writer