Day one… new beginnings

Today is my first day as either an unemployed Library Assistant or self-employed writer… I have decided to go with the more positive one lol. As I said in one of my blog posts, I have been made redundant after nearly 11 years. I have decided to take this opportunity to see if I can make it as a full time writer. Today I have been getting all my current work into order (I love organising and I love lists!)


I have already written my Psychological Thriller (approx. 79,200 words) and this is currently having the final edit done by my fab friend. I am hopefully going to be sending this off to publishers and agents at the end of August. I was originally only going to send to publishers, but after speaking to some authors last weekend at the book festival, a couple of those recommended getting an agent. I can only try and see what happens and keep everything crossed (other than my fingers as I wouldn’t be able to type). In the meantime, a few hints and tips for new writers…

  1. If you are sending your work out it helps to have a ‘cv;’ of work. So, any competitions you have entered and managed to get a top 3 – shout about it(like I did – did I mention I got 3rd place in my first ever short story competition? did I? possibly, maybe a few times??) It will help when you come to submitting your work. You are telling them that your work has been recognised as being, lovely jubbly.
  2. I would like to earn a small income from writing, just enough to stop me entering the scary world of… working for someone else – shivers and comes out in a sweat – maybe that is just the 29 degrees outside (please rain, please rain, please rain) So I also sending off some short stories to magazines to try and get a small but regular income for this.
  3. Read the small print and send out exactly what they are asking for, often they will stipulate font, size, spacing, theme, page numbers, if they want the authors name on it, single sided… the list goes on. Check and double check before you send any work off – you want it as perfect as possible.

Go for walks, do something different, be inspired, write what you want and have fun. Don’t forget you don’t have to write all the time to be making progress. I was out for a nice romantic walk by the river last night when I came up with idea for my next short story – which admittedly will be a bit dark and sinister, and maybe I shouldn’t have come up with it right at that time! But how can anyone stop a writers brain – actually a few bottles of prosecco did that at the weekend (public warning – do not copy this bit!)

I have enjoyed my first day. I will admit to it being a little daunting and strange, the unknown always is, but I am more than ready to embrace this change, put my work out there and see what happens!! The one main problem I can see working from home; IF you are addicted to coffee (yes I know what you are thinking – this one drinks prosecco and coffee to excess – erm busted, BUT I balance the two so its all good) I now have 24/7 access to my coffee machine and I am not sure how this new relationship is going to work out – I am already discovering how needy it is! There I am typing away; making stuff up, when a voice calls me from the kitchen (also, I know coffee machines cannot talk – I have an active imagination!) to keep it company. I have only succumbed 3 times so I am proud of myself.

Anyway, signing off from my rantings. Hope any newbie writers have found some of this helpful. In honour of my first week I am going to blog everyday this week – then go back to my usual Friday; please don’t unfollow me, I will try and make it interesting, and I might even share a little story with you 😉

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