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Book blurb, cake, sale… need i say more?

If my writing careers ends here, at least I got to eat my own book cake 😊 Decided to blog a day early in celebration of getting cake… A night lost to the past is now 99p via Amazon…

So, when I’m rich and famous, actually take out the rich because I’m happy to just have enough money, also take out the famous as that doesn’t look much fun and I haven’t got the face for it – the cost of photoshopping my photos wouldn’t be worth it. ((you’re so right kiddo)) So, let’s just imagine I have managed through the power of my mind and expert storytelling that someone ((fools)) have taken on my book and it’s in all good bookstores near you. It’s loitering with intent waiting for you to pick it up, read the blurb and think wow this looks a bloody good book ((Will you get to the point – falling asleep over here!)) You get actual cash out of your pocket or use another form of payment – ((she ain’t fussy – pay in pennies…)) and because this is set in the future, we have all realised that books are being sold way to cheap when you bear in mind the amount of time that everyone involved puts into it. You pay between £4.99 – £8.99 and walk out of the bookstore, feeling very smug and superior – so you should, you head to the nearest cafe. You wait in line, trying to decide whether you should indulge in the pastries that all calling to you from the cabinet. Wondering if you should have a skimmed or full-fat cappuccino, you go for a large full-fat cappa, with a glass of tap water to help dilute the caffeine, you don’t want your hands shaking while you read.

You find a nice quiet place in the corner of the coffee shop. Settled down, you get a feeling of pleasure taking your new purchase out of your bag. You take a moment to feel it, running your hands over the cover of the book. Making sure no-one is looking you have a sniff ((That’s just weird!)), nothing quite like the smell of a new book. Taking in the title, ‘Killers List’ A psychological thriller full of shocking twists that builds to a fast-paced, page-turning conclusion. You have that rush of excitement, knowing you will be delving into a new story. Who are you going to meet? Will you be scared? Will you figure out who did it? You relish the thought of this new world you’re going to experience.  ((will you PLEASE, get to the point of this blog!!))

Okay, I’ve got carried away now. Anyway, you get the picture. That is why I write. I want someone to pick up my book and feel like that. The way I do when I find a new book. But, what I realised from the start is that this is going to be a long long process. What will I tell people when they asked me what the secret to success is. I will more than likely say, you will need to have a lot of patience, a lot, a lot, even more than that, a lot more, everything seems to take forever in a ‘writers’ world and I haven’t even got past stage one yet! You finish your book, do all the research into finding where you want to send it, create your covering letter, synopsis and all the other research needed to submit your precious baby to the world. ((Baby! Please don’t get carried away – it’s a book!))  Then you wait, and you wait, and you wait. You get rejected, you might decide you cannot handle these rejections and give up – don’t do this, carry on, you have written your book – what have you got to lose? Keep submitting until you get the right agent/publisher at the right time.

I’m seven months into my journey, and for those that haven’t read my earlier blogs ((Rude)) I was made redundant end July  ((Not seven for me – you took ages to realise you needed to create me to make your blog interesting )) People may think that writers simply sit at home, in comfort, making stuff up. ((this is pretty much what you do – as well as networking, drinking coffee, etc)) I can say I have never worked so hard ((excuse me while I laugh)) since I decided to explore a career in storytelling. I’ve learnt how to blog, self-published on Amazon, how to market my work, research, and a million other things. It’s not just about telling a good tale. I’m not trying to put new writers off! ((Sounds like it – If I was writing now, I would scrunch up my work, eat the paper, spit it out and post it to you, or do a Banksy and shred it. Each and every week I manage to be funny! I totally shock myself sometimes!)) – I’m just going to sigh and ignore you. I’m just showing the realistic life for a new writer. Of course, people might have other routes they go down and maybe don’t decide to do all the things I’ve done, perhaps they will get picked up quicker. I think every writer’s journey is different. The main point is that you enjoy it.

I was also thinking ((oh now this blog post is getting dangerous people – this is your warning – she’s thinking!! Help us all – run, save yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))  about what makes people read your book. I see so many people share their books via social media, authors that don’t have agents or a publisher for whatever reason they market themselves. When I buy a book from my favourite authors – I know what I’m going to get – emotionally. If I want to read a thriller, chick-lit, factual etc. So maybe us newbies need to think about that when we market our books – what will our readers get out of it? This is why your blurb is so important, and after writing this blog – it’s made me think more about mine and how I should market my work.

I’ve submitted to one more agent this week, and a publisher – bringing the total to six so far. So, the waiting game continues. I’ve tried to be very selective. Make sure you do your research, make sure that the agents are actually interested in your genre and are actively seeking submissions. Also, check out what they are currently doing – maybe if they have a lot of books on the market with other authors or have too many works that are similar to yours – it could affect your chances. I said last week the Artists’ and writers’ Yearbook is a very good place to look. Also, check out twitter. Make sure you know what you want from them as well, especially if you go to an Indie Publisher – maybe they only sell their content online and not in bookshops – this could mean a waste of time for you and them if you realise this after you have submitted and hopefully been accepted.

Anyway, that’s it from me this week. ((Wait what about me? I need to add some more sarcastic content…))  I hope this has helped a few newbies like myself. Please feel free to leave a comment – I would appreciate the help if you have any hints and tips. No short story on my blog this week I’m afraid ((hurrah)) but my short story is on offer for 99p this week in celebration of my book cake!!! So, help an author out and buy a copy – it’s funny, I promise. Oh, and leave a review if you get the chance, it really does help. Unless you think it’s really rubbish, then maybe erm don’t bother – thanks 😉. I’m all about positivity…

I was going to put a link on but it seems that companies are removing authors reviews if they come from the same IP address thinking they are fake or bias reviews. So if you want a copy – cut and paste the title into Amazon to buy one ((Actually, I was going to say something sarcastic, but if people don’t buy her stuff or say nice things she might stop blogging, and then, I… will… be… no… more ☹, so don’t buy it for Peachy buy it for me and keep the brackets alive – hurrah – I love you keep reading people))

Copy and paste the following :    A night lost to the past

Also, for those that don’t have a kindle you can download the app to your phone or tablet and read the ebook from there 🙂


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