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Taking inspiration from life & setting writing goals

This week I had various ideas for the blog ((Oh do tell us, we have been waiting two weeks for you to enlighten us with your wisdom)) but, it all changed after an eventful train/taxi journey ((I can tell already this is going to be boring))

So, I boarded my first train; late. Arrived at the station where I needed to change; late. Waited for my connecting train; late. The train arrived, halfway into the journey, the train stops; faulty signal – have to wait for humans to come and fix it as the train driver cannot see the lights. Eventually arrive into the station for my next connection; late. The train I need to catch; on time!! ((It’s wrong that I laughed at that, Isn’t it?))  Anyway, I spoke to some lovely ladies at the information desk who tell me to wait for twenty minutes to catch a train to another station, where a taxi will then take me to my final destination ((I bet you were tempted to say the Bahamas??)) I arrive on time to find my taxi waiting.

I try not to let unexpected things faze me, which is sometimes very difficult ((That’s not true like how much you flipped when you were self-publishing and when a password reset come up, and your swear money could wipe out the UK’s national debt!)) Well, other than those – everyone gets annoyed at that. I HATE being late, but if it’s out of my control I don’t stress it, life is just too short. If I’d have been stressed and angry, maybe the train staff wouldn’t have been so helpful, I doubt I would have got chatting to the taxi driver, I would have sat back seething and annoyed. As it was, I had the best conversation I’ve had with a stranger for a long time.

During this taxi ride, we managed to cover pretty much everything. We discussed how he didn’t believe in the big bang or evolution. He ended up asking me to listen to some of the Quran – which I did – we then discussed this. I’m not religious, but I enjoy talking to others about it. The great thing about this conversation was it was two adults, with entirely different views but discussing them in a sensible and understanding way. He might not have convinced me to follow his religion, and he didn’t agree with my view of evolution. We both agreed as long as you’re a nice human being, and you can listen and let people share their opinions and agree to disagree whilst having a good laugh – that’s the way to be in life. It made all the delays worth it ((Wondered when you were going to get to the point – poor taxi drive stuck listening to you all that way!))

Sometimes an unexpected journey can provide you with an infinite amount of information, ideas and possibilities for stories and characters. So, next time you’re running late on public transport ((So like pretty much everyone travelling in the UK then!)) try not to stress it and open yourself up to chat with a stranger ((Erm what about Stranger Danger??)) well obviously if they seem a bit weird or ask you to follow them into a dark alley – then best to say no! ((I would have run away from you))

A lot of people say that they feel like they haven’t achieved anything because they haven’t written the 500 hundred words they planned, or life got in the way, and they feel bad for not writing. But, there is more to creating a story than just writing it. Having experiences must make us better writers if we can weave that into our work and are able to create better character and stories. I tend to have writing goals, but if I don’t get that number done, I don’t worry about it. I would say do what works best for you, don’t pressure yourself to copy what someone else is doing. ((My goal is to have a break from you for 6 weeks))

Okay, on that subject, the 8th Feb will be my last blog until I get back from my big holiday to Singapore, New Zealand and Sydney – so excited. Next week I’ve paid for a session to go through 10,000 words of book one with a professional to get feedback on what I’m doing right/wrong etc. so I will let you know if this was worth it ((Cannot wait!)) since I’ve nearly finished book two I hope I haven’t got to change much!

I received a rejection email this week. It’s always hard to have work rejected. You worry that you may not have what it takes, is it worth carrying on? But there was nice feedback and gave me something to think about. They encouraged me to carry on submitting. One thing I’ve learned, if you cannot handle rejection, it’s going to be an emotional, difficult road. I feel sad when I get rejected, but I try to take the positives from it. It’s not always easy, but keep learning, listening, talking, and writing. Good luck to all of you currently submitting.

Off to build a snowman…











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