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Lone working, meetings, rejections, holidays and fitting life in!

Because sometimes you have to take in the view... take a deep breath and relax... Lone working, a meeting of friends, rejections, holidays and fitting life in! The last month has been a bit of a rollercoaster ((here we go again… wait while I set up an orchestra of tiny violins)) The new year resolutions… Continue reading Lone working, meetings, rejections, holidays and fitting life in!

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TBR pile

I was going to talk about Collaborations this week as it’s something I’m working on with my Writing Group. As we haven’t quite finished it yet, I thought it was prudent to wait until we have completed this project – so i can talk about the whole process. So, this weeks blog… I’ve had a… Continue reading TBR pile

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Taking inspiration from life & setting writing goals

This week I had various ideas for the blog ((Oh do tell us, we have been waiting two weeks for you to enlighten us with your wisdom)) but, it all changed after an eventful train/taxi journey ((I can tell already this is going to be boring)) So, I boarded my first train; late. Arrived at… Continue reading Taking inspiration from life & setting writing goals

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Support Network & Part 5 – Finding Ben

I just wanted to give a little shout out this week to all the people that are supporting me on this amazing journey – it really helps when you are sitting down typing away wondering if your work is any good. Will readers relate to your characters? Have you created a world which someone will… Continue reading Support Network & Part 5 – Finding Ben

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Feelings, books, writing & networking

Happy Friday everyone. There are a few new people that have followed my  blog recently - thanks, hope you enjoy my musings - so thought I would just do a little round up about what its all about... Well this week has been a funny old week. On Tuesday it would have been my first… Continue reading Feelings, books, writing & networking