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Happy Friday everyone. There are a few new people that have followed my  blog recently – thanks, hope you enjoy my musings – so thought I would just do a little round up about what its all about…

Well this week has been a funny old week. On Tuesday it would have been my first day back at work, for those that are only just reading this blog;  I was made redundant from my job as a library assistant at the end of July – after nearly twelve years. I had already finished writing my first novel (started in april) so I decided now was the time to focus on seeing if I could make a meagre income from this wonderful profession.

For any newbie writers like me there is a lot to learn. I would like to have stories in a magazine if possible – mainly because I love writing – but also it could be an income stream, and have so many ideas it’s just annoying – my brain just will not stop making stuff up and it’s so good – you will all want to read it (Showing off again???) to the brackets – shut up. I’m allowed to say I am proud of what I do… (Yes, but you are English just give it a rest – we don’t do stuff like that!) whatever.

Also, for people new to the blog – I like to use (((brackets))) it’s like talking to yourself but you know (I feel so used) I work mainly on my own so need someone to talk to, the  brackets can be a bit opinionated though! (rude) they might get annoying – they really annoy me but like characters in your stories – they pretty much do what they want (smug face)

On the writing front I am still waiting to hear from the agent – it’s been like forever (drama queen – one week!) I’ve tried engaging in twitter (stalking) to make my name stand out. After listening to a podcast on Always Take Notes  with Clare Conville, literary agent, they said they can get over 4,000 submissions, so its all about getting your name noticed. Well you have to try what you can – what harm is it going to do? (you might get arrested for stalking?? that would be funny – you could write about it from your prison cell – OMG I’m so funny) I might delete the brackets button from my keypad…

I would say make sure you engage in whatever way shape or form – get involved. I find it easy (That’s because you like gossiping) erm its called networking (whatever!) because I love writing and if I didn’t have bills to pay or have holidays to pay for I would do it for free. I am determined to make it work – what better way to spend your life than to do something you love. It’s a heck of a lot harder than working for someone else, but more rewarding for me.

I’ve entered a few more competitions this week. I’m trying to aim for one a week. These are great for getting used to deadlines and also developing writing skills. I still know I have a lot to learn, I am starting a course on Monday so will let you know what that’s like.

    For those of you that have asked (moaned, nagged, badgered) shut it! I am going to work on a follow up on the story I did for the Fosseway Writing Competition, (she came third but she doesn’t like to go on about it 🙄) which I will offer out for free via my blog. You can read the full story in a previous blog. Hope you enjoy it.

My plans for next week include sending some stories out to a few magazines and also sending my book out to another agent. (And drinking coffee, gossiping – oh sorry networking 🤔) and finding a away to delete the brackets…

Have a fab weekend everyone. Any comments welcome as always. I will try and put the next story up on wednesday so keep refreshing your emails…☺️

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