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Book agents, publishers and self publishing



(Hoping for a book deal at the end of this rainbow 😉 )

Well!!! I have only gone and sent it off! My book that is not my latest shopping order lol. After weighing up all the pros and cons I decided that I would start by sending my book out to an agent, Why? I will just go through my thought process for anyone in the same position.

Book Agents

I decided to go down this route first because having done quite a bit of research, looking online, twitter, reading writing magazine, Instagram etc – it really is a mine field out there and unless you are in the know it would be so hard to make sure that someone had your best interests at heart. Trying to negotiate contracts, the marketing etc is all a lot to take on. In the last few months I have written a book, learned how to blog, set up an Instagram and writer account, written short stories , started on book two and I’m starting an online course in a few weeks – I’m thinking this might be enough for now. I have a list of approx. five agents I have found that I would like to try first before I go down another route. Also the likely hood is I will get rejections (sad face – how dare they reject my characters – Tom will not be happy) and any feedback will be so useful for future submissions. I am determined to get my book published in one way shape or form!
Having only been at home actually writing for a full week – due to work, then summer hols I would find it difficult not to have some contact with the outside world – people that know me, know I love networking and people – I love a good chat, so getting involved with a company etc would be beneficial. The choice for which to go with is a personal one.  Agents can also get you into the magical, mystical world of the ‘big publishers’ most of these will not accept unsolicited work – only from agents.


I decided to go with an agent rather than direct to a publisher first. Although i am not sure why to be honest! (that’s not much help is it!) I just seemed to gravitate towards getting an agent – it seemed to work for the type of book i have, but I have a list of 3 or 4  publishers that i think would accept my book – whether they would want it is another thing. Maybe going direct to a publisher would effectively mean you have less people to negotiate with/pay! etc. you don’t realise how much goes into a book deal – rights in other languages, selling to book outlets etc etc. Some of the Indie publishers are negotiating really good deals and you have to think what medium you want your finished book in – we are not just talking a physical book, their are obviously ebooks and audio versions to consider. So if you do go with an indie publisher – check that these could be an option for your book.


This is the trickiest of them all. Financially it makes more sense as being with an agent or publishers obviously affects the amount you will make – it is going to be drastically less as you have less people involved, but you have to make sure your book editing is spot on and this can be a massive up front cost to get it done professionally. It does give you more scope and on the type of work you can publish though. I still haven’t decided if I will go down this route in the end – I suppose it depends if any of the agents are interested (surely they will be – they would get to network with me!!! surely a bonus in any ones life lol)

Anyway, I’ve done it. I’ve pressed the send button and there is no turning back to check for any mistakes for the millionth time. I will have to put my faith in my main characters Tom and Hope – do me proud kids, oh and the story! 😉

My plan is to send the book out to a few agents over the next few months as it can be a long waiting game before getting any form of response. Actually, now the hard part starts – trying to get someone to invest in my book and me! Apparently writing the book is the easy bit (well to be fair I found it really easy – I can knock out a thousand words an hour – sorry mustn’t brag – forgot I was British for a minute!!)  If you are looking for me over the next few months I will probably be sat staring at the letterbox, whilst refreshing my emails on my laptop with another eye on my phone getting ready to accept ‘the call’! The postman will refuse to deliver mail because he has seen scary ‘red eyes’ peering out and the letters are snatched from his hands causing multiple paper cuts.

Have a good bank holiday weekend folks. I will of course keep you updated if I hear anything but settle back it could be a long wait… I will try and win some competitions in the meantime so I have something to say to you and to prove I can fake it until I make it. lol


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