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My short story, writing groups and Imps.

Hi all,

Hopefully I have re-blogged my short story from the Fosseway Writers blog. I am new to all this blogging and my laptop decided to shut down part way through – just to really annoy me. Computers seem to know when you just want to get on with something and they are just sat waiting to screw it up for you. Little computery imps rubbing their little hands together watching you via the camera –  (i wanted to type computery but the spell check kept taking it out. See another example of imps in the pc. I know computery is not a word but i like so there! We fought and i won 1-0 to me versus the computer imp! HA) next time your pc plays up just remember its you vs the imp. Anyway I have gone off onto a random story tangent again – sorry. Hope you enjoy the story I have hopefully re-blogged.

After coming third in the competition I chatted to the lovely people at the Fosseway Writers Group during the Newark book festival weekend and decided to pop along to their meeting last night. (they also have a blog if you want to follow it) I also really kindly gave my editor (friend) an evening off so he could attend. (If you are reading this – stop and get back to your editing lol  😉 ) I have never been to a proper writing group. I have spoken about a writing group before in these blogs but that is just three friends including me, my editor and one is a very successful published writer (she will probably be reading this later – if you are put a comment below if I am allowed to name check 😉 ) Anyway, I really enjoyed the group, everyone talked about why they joined, a few of the established members read out some of their work and we discussed it. I would really recommend anyone starting out to join one of these group. Writing is such a solitary profession, it’s great to get out and meet people and you can bounce around ideas etc. (people that know me will be rolling their eyes right now. I get out and about quite a lot and regularly get called Judith Chalmers lol) but its totally different when you are sat all day writing and don’t talk to anyone (well other than the computer imps – I talk to them quite a lot!)

What else, what else. On the book front, about half way through the editing. I am still on track for sending it out to an agent at the end aug beginning sept. I just want to make sure it is perfect and I am 100% happy before sending as once they read it they will obviously be ringing me straight away to demand the full novel – which they will stay up reading all night with copious amounts of caffeine, then at 6am they will move straight onto prosecco as they have realised that my book is going to be a best seller and I have so many books to write in the series they can kick back and refresh their bank balance. Possibly might not work out exactly the way I imagine…

I have submitted a children’s short story competition today, after receiving it back from the editor I sent it too last week. This is really useful as I have mentioned before its so hard to edit your own work, but gradually I am learning my common mistakes. (BTW don’t judge this blog – I clearly stated in the terms and conditions that I would just be writing this  unedited – raw, uncut, unclean – wait not unclean, you get the idea!) This competition is organised by kickback media and they want stories which are aimed at 8+ market. I have written a fantasy story – which I really enjoyed writing, having been brought up playing D&D and many other fantasy games – its my first love and very different to the Psychological Novel I have written.

I had a fabulous time in Jersey catching up with friends and showing one of my friends from the UK around the beautiful island. We also spent an amazing day at the spa and ate in their very fabulous restaurant – soooooo good. I also had loads of ideas for the second book – which will be based in Jersey. I did scare my friend and she refused to walk down ‘the tunnel’ with me lol.

Right signing off until next week. I am on hols (sorry I promise September will be full on writing mode but I need to gain inspiration for my stories!) I will mostly be at home even though on hols so am going to get more of book one sorted.

Have a good weekend folks. Hope you enjoyed reading the short story 🙂 x

5 thoughts on “My short story, writing groups and Imps.”

  1. Well done you . I know it was a short story but I did so want it to carry on . Did it continue .
    I am so looking forward to reading your biggy novel too x


    1. Thank you. It didn’t but maybe i could do a follow up in the future… I cannot wait to share my novel with everyone. X


  2. It was great seeing you again the other night. Thanks for the shout out to Fosseway Writers! Look forward to seeing you again on 6th and/or 20th September 😀


  3. Well done. And great that you’ve found a writing group with Fosseway writers. They’re a bit far away for me but groups are such a good way to learn from other writers and share knowledge.


    1. Thanks. I agree, just being with like minded people and having the support is helpful. Very early days as a writer for me so enjoying the process. Its a whole new world lol


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