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Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent

I’m extremely excited to finally share the news about one of my new ventures. A little back story if I may… So, back in the dreaded year which shall not be named, I embarked on a new venture. You don’t need to tell me about trying to set up a new business in a pandemic… Continue reading Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent

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Working together during lockdown

So, this month I’m delighted to share that I will have another book published! ((Show off)) Now, I cannot claim the full word count as this has been another collaborative project with my writing group. Last year we published a book, Burning Old School Ties. This new book has been written by a coven of… Continue reading Working together during lockdown

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Writing collaboration

YES, this is our actual book!!! So, I keep promising to write this, and finally it’s time ((Ohh, exciting cannot wait. Said no-one, anywhere, ever)) I’d only been part of the Fosseway Writing Group for a short time, and when it was suggested by the Chair, Nick, that we attempt a collaboration, I was predictably… Continue reading Writing collaboration

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New year, new start. Why you should join a writing group and do something for you in 2019!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone has made their plans/or not depending on your preference. I have created my goals for the year – as stated in the last blog, so I won’t bore you again. ((Thank the blogs for small mercy’s! Happy New year from me, your favourite most entertaining brackets ever to… Continue reading New year, new start. Why you should join a writing group and do something for you in 2019!