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Working together during lockdown

So, this month I’m delighted to share that I will have another book published! ((Show off)) Now, I cannot claim the full word count as this has been another collaborative project with my writing group. Last year we published a book, Burning Old School Ties. This new book has been written by a coven of thirteen ((Ohhhhhh spooky – just like the book!)) It’s been a pleasure to write another book with such an amazing group of people. Lockdown has made this project harder, but we managed it! Luckily, we have an online forum which we use and through the power of tech we can catch up. I really enjoyed creating my story in our book and cannot wait to hold a copy of these Gothic Tales in my hand.

I’ve stolen this blurb ((COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!) Calm it Brackets, I have permission ((Does the group know that?)) maybe stolen was the wrong word. I’m sharing the information our boss, a.k.a chair person, Nick has cleverly knocked together for our online event on Sunday 27th September 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm as part of the Newark Book Festival online events. The tickets are free or you can give a donation to the festival…

Fosseway Writers are Newark’s local writing group and last year produced a collaborative novel, Burning Old School Ties: a unique writing project by eight authors writing eight intertwined tales within one story about a school reunion. This year they are launching The Brinwade Chronicles, a collection of Gothic short stories centred around a fictional village close to Newark, written by an expanded coven of thirteen authors. Join Nick Rowe and a few other writers from the group to find out how they share ideas, discuss key features, and help each other in collective and individual projects.

Sadly I won’t be part of the online event as I will have my other hat on working for Newark Book Festival that weekend and I think that by Sunday evening I will be only capable of watching and not talking. I might try and think of some difficult questions though!

It was fun working on a Gothic themed book and I hope everyone will enjoy the gruesome, funny, and spooky tales we have created. If you’re ever in Brinwade… watch out! ((I hope your character Caleb never wants to be my friend!))

If you’re not part of a writing group I can highly recommended it. Our group is so friendly, and the support is so important, more so now, than ever. You might be hesitant about joining in online, but if you have the technology, then go for it. Remember they are all people who like writing, just like you and they were nervous about joining once upon a time. If your new group is anything like our group, then you won’t regret joining.

Right that’s me done, nearly… I’ve also being working on a project with a few local creative people… watch this space ((Well don’t actually watch this space as that would be really boring. Also, Peachy it’s no wonder you never have any time to yourself with all these networking sessions and collaborations! Take five minutes why don’t you.)) Oh Brackets, people might think you care!

See you next month folks. x

P.S. I did have a lovely picture set up with all the Fosseway book covers. At 9pm last night i decided that maybe i shouldn’t reveal the cover of the new book before the group does! So it’s a lovely picture of a beach in New Zealand instead 🙂

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