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Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent

I’m extremely excited to finally share the news about one of my new ventures. A little back story if I may…

So, back in the dreaded year which shall not be named, I embarked on a new venture. You don’t need to tell me about trying to set up a new business in a pandemic – I really don’t recommend it. With more twists and turns than the rollercoaster I was made to go on in Salou, we got there in the end.

The Secret Garden Studios will offer a range of art and writing workshops and much, much more! I think I’ve organised approximately 6.2 million events which have never taken place due to the constantly changing goal posts for running workshops with real people. We did have the option of running them online but we decided the ‘magic’ of our business is the setting itself. Every time I walk into the space and glance out of the window at the secret garden and watch the birds going about their day, it brings a warm glow of inspiration, which we hope all our new friends will enjoy once we open in May – keep everything crossed!

The Stable Studios are based at the back of Gallery 6 on 6 Stodman Street in Newark-On-Trent, directly across from The Prince Rupert pub – this just so happens to be one of my favourite pubs in Newark, so all ‘official’ business meetings might be conducted in here for maximum creative exploration!

You will enter a magical creative world. What delightful adventures will you have? What new crafts will you learn? We hope you will make some wonderful friends when you visit us at the Stable Studio’s and Secret Garden. Glance to the left as you enter and the light from the garden we welcome you into our creative hub.

All you need to know is on our website, so I will leave you to click on the link. There will be lots more pictures to share as the secret garden grows alongside our events – we have lots of plans! Thank you so much for all the support we have already had. Hopefully soon we can organise a wonderful, real life, launch party to show off the Secret Garden Newark Studios.


I look forward to seeing you.
Clair x

4 thoughts on “Creative Studios in Newark-on-Trent”

    1. It really is so lovely. I feel all my tension leaving me and inspiration flowing back in as soon as i walk in 🥰. Hopefully i can persuade you to visit and deliver some workshops one day? Although i might lose you and your camera to the garden!


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