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Topping up my author batteries, finding inspiration and the mental health benefits of showing up!

Hi, I’ve been thinking a lot about CVs – mainly because I’ve had to update mine and is there anyone, anywhere, who likes updating a cv? Also, the job market is a bit dire to say the least. ((Well, who wants a 46-year-old, menopausal woman who writes about dragons, fantasy worlds, serial killers and creates board games – GROW Up Peachy)) Brackets, don’t be so rude I’m not 46 yet – the other stuff is true! Anyway, stop spamming my post, this is a serious one. ((Well, excuse my coding for being alive!!))

So, what am I going on about and am I losing the plot? Possible, but that’s another chapter. As I was ‘updating’ my CV with all the various jobs I’ve had, it got me thinking about my author CV and how some authors seem almost embarrassed to say they are a writer, possibly thinking people don’t think it’s a proper job. Maybe people see the famous authors as having a ‘proper job’ but I’m not sure that translates to self-publishing… maybe just my perception? My thoughts are that society dictates what is seen as a proper job. What do you think? Maybe it’s about seeing your own self-worth.

I love watching canal boat vlogs on YouTube and one of them was talking about the questions he gets asked and one was, ‘why don’t you get a proper job?’ Now, this guy spends a full day editing, cruising to create content and everything else that goes into creating a professional vlog, which doesn’t look like it’s been filmed back in the days of Black and White TVs ((SEE! Old – black and white TVs!)) Oh, I used to love a good western or musical on my little B&W TV. Anyway, I told you it’s a serious blog. Go fiddle with your code… back to the vlogs, this guy spends probably more hours than many people who have a full time ‘proper job’ so, of course, the work and time he gives to his creative endeavours are valid.

I don’t know about anyone else but from my observations ‘being a creative’ can often be seen as just a hobby. Creatives value other creatives work because we know how bloody hard it all is. Anyway, I’m waffling a bit and possibly a bit ranty! I decided to create myself an ‘author cv’ and add all the things I do which adds to my development as a writer… here are a few things I took part in this month;

4th Feb – D. Wallace Peach –Fosseway Writing Group Online Event

Diana very kindly agreed to chat to my writing group about her books and journey. Diana is a fantasy writer from the other side of the world! It was so interesting listening to Diana and I found myself nodding along and agreeing with all her reasons for deciding to self-publish. The fact she was impatient with how long traditional publishing can often take, wanting the control to write what she wanted, when she wanted, and many other reasons I identified with. It felt like the validation I needed to continue with my self-publishing and slightly alternative publishing route ((Oh, is that your ‘secret’ project, Peachy?)) Shhh Brackets, all in good time. I’ve downloaded one of Diana’s books to read, but because it’s fantasy like my current book, I cannot read the genre I’m writing in at the time. Mainly because I panic that I will unconsciously steal a plot thread! That would be embarrassing. I’m really looking forward to reading Diana’s book very soon!

Click here to look at Diana’s website and sign up to her blog (well worth a follow!)

13th February – How to write romance day – Iaminprint – Online Event

Well, what a day. I wasn’t feeling the best in general ((we know from your endless moaning on social media!)) and although I have been writing and going through the motions, editing my new book, I had lost my writing funk just a little bit. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and find your inspiration and top up your author battery packs, and this day certainly did this for me. There was so much I loved about this day – all the guests were fabulous. A particular favourite of mine was Milly Johnson; being a fellow Yorkshire Lass, listening to her talk was like coming home and all straightforward, wonderful advice. I also wish I could afford to sign up to a course with Sophie Nicholls, such an inspiration. She talked about how she self-published before she received a publishing deal and I imagine her courses are excellent. All in all, the day was brilliant and I could write a whole blog just about this day.

I think the events are still available on catch up or check out IAMINPRINTs author events, many of them are free.

15th – 22nd February – #ShowUpGetBooked with Maddy Shine.

Thank you to the lovely Alice Flear ( who recommended that I sign up to this challenge. As I’ve said earlier, I’d lost my funk and the last thing I wanted was to join a motivational discussion at 9.30am – turns out, it was exactly what I needed.
Maddy went live on Facebook each morning to talk about SEO ((OOOHHH I know this one! Search Engine Optimization – not just 00000111110000 people!)) and how to get your blog noticed in Google searches and loads of other tips for blogging and business visibility. It was great to chat with like-minded people finding their way in the world of blogging and finding out how to get their business noticed. Highly recommend you check out Maddy’s page She was so inspirational and obviously knows her stuff!

Right, that’s it from me. For the eagle eyed amongst you, yes this is a week early. Hopefully exciting news to come next week!  My author CV and battery pack have certainly been topped up! Do you have an author CV? I would love to hear if you have any recommendations for developing your skills as a writer?

Take care,

Clair x ((And me, Brackets – the funny one))

P.S My fantasy book is available on Amazon, it has dragons in it, and it’s only 99p. Festival of Time did i mention the eBook is only 99p…

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2 thoughts on “Topping up my author batteries, finding inspiration and the mental health benefits of showing up!”

  1. Hi Clair! What a lovely surprise to see our meeting come up as one of the highlights of your writerly month. I’m so glad you were nodding and feeling confident about your journey into self-publishing. I had so much fun chatting with you all. Writers are so passionate about what they do. Oh that old “get a real job” thing is meant to be ignored. What do they know. When someone asks me what I do, I reply proudly that I’m an author as if I’m living the dream life, as if I have the best job in the whole wide world. And to me, I do. 🙂 Happy Writing!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hiya, it really was a wonderful evening, even if my dodgy wi-fi meant i couldn’t turn my camera on and was confined to the chat box! Good job or i would have asked you millions of questions! I will always ignore the doubters (although i’m very lucky to have supportive family and friends) – if people realised how much work went into realising our dreams, i’m sure they would think twice. Well done you. Being passionate about writing is a wonderful gift. You too ☺️

      Liked by 2 people

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